The end of the year at last!

Another year over, one major break up that should have happened sooner. And thank god the year is over. The contract for the new job is a few months to go. The sun is setting on another day.

We might have all changed or not at all. But whatever has happened, it doesn’t have to define your tomorrow or even your today or right this second. Go make yourself so fabulous healthy life changes. Just don’t try the New Year new me thing, you are pretty fabulous without trying to change.

An Author Update for December

Well, it is that time of year again when the reflection starts.

This past year as been a blur. I had hoped at the start of the year for certainty, and to know my own mind. I am leaving this year behind with certainty and a strange affection for the uncertain. I have clarity where there was none and faith in knowing that everything will work out for me in the place if that lack of clarity.

I am leaving this year stronger than when I had started it. I started the year embarrassed by myself and my talents, now I look upon them with a strange pride I have never known.

Yes I have lost and gained this year, and the clarity and desires that has birthed have me fired up ready for the next year. Which I will persevere with my energy, enthusiasms and motivations.

I am looking back, only so briefly at this year as it blurs past me faintly; instead I find myself engrossed in the happiness of my now and dreaming of the wondrous vortex of possibilities to align into my next year and my now to be ever more abundant in all the wonderful desires and stories that I know are coming to me.

I have scarcely slept in my excitement, even in the now of the moment without looking forward at the specifics, I just know that some great adventure is coming.

There is so much wonder to come. There is a whole universe waiting, full of stories and amazing ideas and adventures.

It is like the flicker of a candle flame, it does as it pleases. Adventure will always lap at the heels of those looking with eyes of hope.


With all the luck of adventure.


ARA xx

Happy Christmas

Well it’s a bit early but yes essentially happy Christmas. May all your wishes come true.

I don’t have much to say on this because somethings are better left unsaid. But if you are reading to escape the Christmas chaos and fighting and family grudges, I will join you in the stories because sure as hell I am escaping too!

Knitting for warmth

Why not knit yourself or others warm for next winter, start this year to prepare for your winter next year, you will be so glad you did.

That beautiful hand knitted blanket you can curl up under after a cold day. The warm scarf, hat and gloves (if you have those skills for gloves or in my case wrist warmers) that will keep you toasty and warm. The cardigan to keep you layered up. The first worst attempt at a hideous Christmas jumper. The warm leg warmers that don’t quite fit right. The skirt that looks very elfy, that you then decide to make an outfit to match with…

Go on do it.