Coryburn Girls Secrets (2)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.

What about the parents?

I found Chrystyne and Eustace Coryburn a lot of fun.

There is a hint of a cult-ish behaviour, but to be honest, due to their eccentricities I could easily imagine them to have a strange interest in the darkest corners of the BDSM circuit but I couldn’t be cruel to “out” them like that in the book itself, its their personal secret.

I absolutely love the relationship and bond that the pair have its very intense. If i sat in the room with them I would feel very uncomfortable. They have the strange energy produced by their natural, predatory demeanor that settles heavily in the air like a thick perfume that lingers long after the wearer is gone. That and their intimacy and affection for each other exceeds what would could be classed as common place.

I absolutely love the scenes they appear in, and construct absolutely bewitching alpha type personalities. Which often clashes with their two daughters causing some of that fun disfucntionality in their relationship and their battles of wits and wills.

Whats on your mind?

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