I thought I was ready

I thought I was ready, ready to begin writing again. That would happen, if I had time, however, Little One is a time vacuum for sure.

But I think I forgot something important, to write I need more than time, I need energy and motivation and determination to fill a blank space. I need inspiration and the story ready to flow and pour. At the moment a bulk of my mind is being used to keep a little tiny human alive and well.

So maybe its better I work on being able to focus longer than 5 minutes on something. Focusing on anything is hard enough as it is. Right now I am meant to be doing something else… Turns out I cant even focus doing that!

But seriously. I hope that sometime soon, there will be a day where everything just falls into place and I feel that perfect alignment to write and write with complete focus and actually produce something worth reading, worth writing.

You would have thought with lock down I would have done more writing but mat leave does has proven unproductive when looking after this tiny ball of energy and crazy.

Right Little One is demanding a bit of fuss and attention so I had better go put the mummy hat on and say see you soon!

Lockdown Life

Well, I know that many are struggling with lockdown. For me, I’ve been on lockdown almost since Little One was born. I was so ill for the first 3-4 months of her life I barely left the house, if I did it was to the doctors or hospital. That was my life.

Except now I am pretty much mostly healed and able to do more, and now I am in lockdown of a different kind. Yes its mentally taxing, but its not as bad as the first few months of mother hood. Traumatic would be an understatement. Thankfully though I have a wonderful partner who is keeping me strong. As for Little One you wouldn’t know it, by how well LO thrives.

I am slowly trying to build stamina daily. Though lets face it what new mum really has the energy to exercise.

I am planning more walks daily slowly. Though it will take a while to develop the habit probably. Mind you I’ve got less weight to loose than just after birth thanks to being so ill.

Low fat diets, not very flavourful, hard work without a doubt. It’s not like it is even by choice, it is very much a case of not having the choice to eat what I like, I end up quite ill, which can be exhausting. There is hidden fats in lots of things.

This week my aim is to add a walk in that wouldn’t normally happen at least once this week. We will have to wait and see.