I thought I was ready

I thought I was ready, ready to begin writing again. That would happen, if I had time, however, Little One is a time vacuum for sure.

But I think I forgot something important, to write I need more than time, I need energy and motivation and determination to fill a blank space. I need inspiration and the story ready to flow and pour. At the moment a bulk of my mind is being used to keep a little tiny human alive and well.

So maybe its better I work on being able to focus longer than 5 minutes on something. Focusing on anything is hard enough as it is. Right now I am meant to be doing something else… Turns out I cant even focus doing that!

But seriously. I hope that sometime soon, there will be a day where everything just falls into place and I feel that perfect alignment to write and write with complete focus and actually produce something worth reading, worth writing.

You would have thought with lock down I would have done more writing but mat leave does has proven unproductive when looking after this tiny ball of energy and crazy.

Right Little One is demanding a bit of fuss and attention so I had better go put the mummy hat on and say see you soon!

Whats on your mind?

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