The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Eight :.

My name is Elliot Parker.

So what are those wonderful things I am looking forward to? How can I rebuild myself?

Because that is what I have to do, I suppose it is the only choice I have.

So what do you do when you finally get your freedom after being trapped in some kind of bizarre horror show of an existence?

First, I get to stop beating myself up. It is ok to not be ok. It is fine to let yourself feel hurt and grieve as long as I can stop letting it consume me.

So I started by dying my hair. Not some crazy colour, not some false version of me I can project on the world and pretend that I am ok with like wearing a mask. No, I am stopping doing that. I am stopping this stupid need to hide how I feel. So I dyed my hair sort of close to my natural colour-ish, again, only this is the closest match I managed to find. So there it is, the first layer of my mask is gone.

I won’t be beating myself up or getting mad at myself for crying anymore. I am releasing resistance when I do, I am finding some semblance of healing when I free myself from pretending to have things together.

So what else?

I am going to paint my toes. It sounds small, but it is a little bit of pampering, it is a little self-care and self-love beyond doing the bare minimum to pretend to be ok. Painting my toes is for me, people at work don’t see my toes, I don’t wear peep-toe shoes, I don’t wear flip flops really, my toes are my private little pampering and sparkle that get to be my little nod to say it is ok.

What next?

I am going to listen to some music that feels more like summer, feels brighter and more fun and more sassy. I haven’t listened to music in a while so this will be a nice change.

I am going to be proud and draw a little bit. A little doodle once in a while.

I am going to check in more on here, write more on here, not keep bottling things up.

This can be my safe space for a while too.

I am going to meet up with Hal and spend some time with my brother from another mother. A good quality hang out just the two of us and catch up on everything. I am going to have fun and eat junk with him and talk about everything. I’m going to open up to him.

I am going to honour JJ in some way, however that is I will find a way that feels right. The best dog ever that would be the clown to make me laugh when I was broken hearted, my best friend and baby boy.

What else?

I am going to shave my legs and wear a pretty dress and go out with Dyl for dinner and have a lovely date and spend some time together. I want to make sure he knows just how much I appreciate him. And yes I know I started that sentence with I am going to shave my legs, it’s a special occasion so I won’t be doing the rushed ones I have done the last two weeks, I am going to take my time because I can’t keep scratching skin off with the razor when I rush. The razor is meant to cut my hair not my damn legs into ribbons.

This post was interrupted. I received a message from a friend. You see not long after thinking about trying to find some way to honour JJ, trying to think of a way that I could have some consistent reminder of him with me always an event fell into perfect place. The message said that my tattoo artist had had a cancellation, on a day that would have been impossible to get time on and my friend thought of me. I had asked about getting a time slot either yesterday or today but my artist was fully booked. So when the message came through I thought this is brilliant. So within twenty minutes I had gotten dressed and left to go to the studio.

So I got a tattoo on my right leg, the side that JJ had been trained to walk to. I got something that both JJ and I loved playing together, bubbles. It seemed like the most perfect way to honour him. I needed to do something, to give myself some way, some place to grieve.

Last night was the first night I wasn’t bursting in tears before I dozed off. That’s not to say I slept well, not at all, I woke up regularly. It drives me a little crazy that I haven’t slept through the night yet. But this was the step in the right direction. It didn’t even hurt that much today, it was fine at work and now here I am. Finally, with some way to feel like JJ is with me still, in some kind of way. I don’t feel so alone, JJ was wonderful like that, he was always there always excited to just be with me and spend time doing whatever. Being separated was always something very hard on the both of us, we were so in sync together. He was as much a part of me as I might have been to him. That’s the most precious thing about having a dog. They become part of you, they are impossible to forget but the most horrendous pain in their absence. He is so irreplaceable and he will always be a part of me, in my heart and now on my skin. It is the perfect way to have him with me always. Now hopefully as the ink heals I will heal at least a little with it.


Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty-Three


Summer and Cassandra had been sat on the freshly mended porch swing that Simon had fixed that morning. Elizabeth wasn’t in the mood to hang out with Summer and Cassandra who were now sat watching the town go by with a glass in one hand and bottle of wine in the other.

“Hey isn’t that Zach?”

“Where? Oh, yeah it is.”

“He’s cute, what happened?”

“It was a long time ago; we didn’t work out.”

“Oh that’s a shame. I bet you looked cute together.”

“I guess. Let’s go inside its too cold out here.” Summer stood up and Cassandra followed after her.

Putting the wine on the side Cassandra helped Summer set up the spare bed. It was a bit trickier to achieve with the slightly drunk sway and giggle. Eventually it got done. They flopped onto the bed.

“Cass, you deserve better than him, he’s a jerk”

“Oh, Jamie, yeah I kind of figured.”

“Good cos you don’t deserve it you know.”

“Neither do you, the competition is stupid.”

“It still exists though.” Cassandra hugged Summer not knowing how to reply. “You feeling thirsty?” Cassandra smiled, “pink or red? Or… I think we have some whiskey?”

Cassandra winced when Summer brought the bottle and two smaller glasses over. “Do we have to?”

“Nope. Want me to get you something else.”

“Nah” Cassandra shook her head and took the bottle from Summer pouring herself a small glass, she took Summer’s and topped it up. “Have some more you need it.”

“Gee thanks.” Cassandra poured more into Summer’s glass.

A few moments passed, strangling themselves on the burn of the whiskey. “Summer, have you ever you know?”


“Done it?”

“Have you?”

“I asked first.”

“No. You?”

“Yeah, Jamie. How bad does that suck?”

“So bad, I am so sorry for you honey.”

“Don’t. I wish I was like you.”

“No you don’t, at least you’re not a competition.”

“So, they still want you. No one wants me, I’m unwantable.”

“No you’re not, you are very wantable.”

“I’m not”

“Shut up. You are.”

Cassandra looked into Summer’s eyes, testing to see if she was being genuine. She was. She could feel it. Summer was radiating warmth. Summer hiccupped and giggled. Cassandra pulled the strands of hair away from Summer’s face.

Rather clumsily, Summer leant towards Cassandra aiming to kiss her on the cheek but missed, she caught her ear instead. They laughed. “College experience” Cassandra muttered and returned Summer’s kiss on her lips.

Cassandra smiled and kissed her again.



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The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Seven :.

My name is Elliot Parker. My heart is still broken.

The sense of loss is still overwhelming. Two weeks, my dog is gone, my childhood home, my childhood, my memories, my belongings, what little of the relationship I had with my mother. It’s all gone. I won’t get any of that back. The memories are all tainted with the poison of all the deception and lies. My mother might have been happy living with all those damn lies, every single one, she might have been fine with living, but I see it for what it was, what it is and it makes me feel sick.

All I want more than anything is my dog. I want him to know I love him that I never got that chance to say goodbye. There’s no body for my grief to get closure. There will never be closure where my mother is involved. Finding out all those lies, that is the closest I will ever come to any kind of closure. I am so far beyond things.

In those two weeks? The first two days Madam basically manipulated everything, told my nana I was yelling at her, that I threw stuff at her, that it was all my fault that I ruined her relationship. Everything ridiculous under the sun, even though I had told nana everything the moment it was over. She managed to get nana to blame me too. That hurt. Though I wouldn’t admit that to her. Instead I said she wouldn’t have had a problem in any of her relationships if she hadn’t lied so freaking much about every single damn thing.

How is it she can make everything my fault when all I did was discover the truth, all of it. Finding out the truth wasn’t free for me, I had to give him the answers to his questions. I had to stand in a room with her *vomit creeps up the back of the throat* husband. I wasn’t the one who lied to everyone for three years after getting married in secret. I wasn’t the one who rehomed JJ without my consent, let alone even telling me.

How the hell am I meant to be ok with this, why is it that my nana won’t accept the fact that her daughter destroyed everything her own damn self, told horrific lies, tried to scam out a new TV and yet I am the monster?

I will never forgive my mother’s actions. I will never accept them. I feel like I will never make peace with them. She takes any joy I have ever had and has single headedly destroyed it and then found some angle some way to blame me for it every way, every time since I can remember. How the hell is that fair?

How am I always the monster? How am I always the villain and her some poor defenceless victim?

When I had my CBT after the event I found one word that could accurately describe my mother, narcissist. The other word is delusional, but I think she knows what she is doing. She knows she is manipulating things to suit her.

CBT has helped but that hasn’t cured barely sleeping at all, my record sleep was maybe about 5 hours in one night, not solid, but it was still more sleep in one night than any of the other nights. Every day I wake up with that horrid pounding head you get after crying yourself to sleep and every day I am pulling the threads of myself together so people don’t know that I am only pretending to be ok. I am very much not ok.

But one thing I am proud of myself for over all of this, I haven’t resulted to my old coping mechanisms. I am still eating, I haven’t been harming myself, I haven’t had a drink. I am sober in all my vices. I am clinging onto my life, on to any stability by the finest of threads.

I don’t think I would be this sort of stable if it wasn’t for that wonderfully abundant influence in my life, the biggest source of joy, Dyl. So far I think I have only broken down properly in front of him over the two weeks twice at most. It’s not that I am hiding how I feel from him, but that I want some to keep things joyful to a degree, I know he knows I am really struggling. But he is still very much being there for me. I know I couldn’t be luckier than to have him by my side.

I broke down a few nights ago, I was afraid I would lose him to like I lost everything else. He reassured me the opposite. But I suppose I hadn’t realised just how this pain was seeping into my thoughts. I know my relationship with Dyl is secure. I know it is safe, and yet with losing all those ropes I was afraid I’d lose him too. It makes sense in some logic. I know I won’t.

I just wish I could get free of this feeling of holding myself together using something like dental floss. Because I can do it. I can survive. I can get back to knowing happiness again. I don’t have to be in this trapped prison of still feeling caged because I am free and I know I am free and I am trying so hard to look forward to life. Look forward to the future that I am building with Dyl. I know it’s stupid, and I know I said it and I mean it that my mother will never be there for anything else in my life and I know that is my choice. But every girl wants their mother at their one-day wedding. I can’t even trust my mother enough to tell me if the sky is blue without checking there is no way I would risk anything remotely important near her no matter what.

Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty-Two


“Oh my, Summer what happened to you?” Cassandra’s voice cut through Summer’s relaxed mood like an axe. “Summer, what did you do to your hair?”

Summer took a moment to work out what Cassandra meant. It came flooding back to her in a rush, “oh that, well it just sort of… happened.” Summer excused herself to get changed before they went to the dining hall for breakfast. Getting ready she felt that strange sort of confidence that comes with change.

Summer walked into the dining hall past crowds barely listening to Cassandra trying to discuss her article in the campus newspaper. Passing a couple of the girls she had met last night they exchanged brief compliments and smiles over the change of hair. Summer certainly felt more pep in her step. Even if she couldn’t remember their names.

Cassandra and Summer sat at the table slowly eating their cereal. Summer found herself being lost in thought until she spotted Jamie staring at them. Summer squashed the thought back into the box deciding it was better not to tell Cassandra, just let her talk and be happy. Jamie left after a few minutes, there was no need to concern Cassandra.

Ten minutes later Cassandra left Summer to get something, Summer hadn’t listened to what but she just felt the relief of just being happy for that moment with the change. Even if the weirdness of Jamie staring had thrown her off centre. She felt a little more confident walking back to her dorm.

Summer turned the corner to find Jamie leaning against her door. “Cassandra’s not here” she said on auto pilot not wanting to be around him, not after seeing all of Cassandra’s tears.

“I know. I came to see you; can we talk? Inside?”

Summer reluctantly agreed. “Why did you break up with her?” Summer slung her bag onto the sofa and peeled off her jacket hanging it on the back of the door which she left ajar, not feeling quite sure enough she wanted to close the door.

“That night after the social, when I took you home.”

Summer didn’t bother hide her confusion, “so that’s how I got home? It was you?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Remember what?”

“You don’t remember me bringing you here? Or me kissing you?”

Summer looked horrified. Her stomach turned, “you did what? Seriously what is wrong with you? You were with Cassandra for one, and I was drunk for two.” Her stomach turned higher up into her throat, “I was so drunk that I don’t even remember that night, and you did that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I couldn’t help myself.”

“That is not an excuse”

“I like you, I want you”

“That doesn’t make it ok”

“You knew I wanted you”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“We can be together.”

“No we can’t, now leave”

“Don’t say that” Jamie moved towards Summer faster than she could back away, he pushed his body to hers and kissed her. Summer pushed against him. When he pulled away and let go of her Summer’s hand moved on reflex slapping Jamie.

From the corner of her eye Summer saw movement, it was Cassandra coming to Summer’s side. How much had she heard? Summer’s stomach churned unnaturally.

“Looks like what everyone says on campus is right. You’re frigid, pretty little tease. No wonder you haven’t got a boyfriend.” Cassandra snapped telling Jamie to shut up.

“You thought it as well Cassie, I bet you didn’t slap that jealous brat when he kissed you. But then again, you wind a guy up and drop him like a brick. No wonder you are the campus competition.”

“What?” The word escaped Summer before she could catch it back.

“You didn’t know? Lay the frigid Darling girl and become a legend.”

Summer wanted to bolt from the room, but the door was wide open, the whole hall would have heard this. She didn’t have to bolt though; Cassandra was pushing Jamie out of the room. It was her turn to yell. It was her turn to rage, and she had plenty to give. She humiliated him for the “man child” that he really is.

Summer was on the verge of tears, she didn’t want to face anyone, she didn’t want to see Cassandra’s hurt right now. Summer made her way to her bedroom. She threw her laundry into bags, ripping one, she swore and yelled and kicked the bag. leaning against the end of her bed she felt her legs slowly slip below her.

“Summer, what are you doing?” Cassandra’s voice was soft.

Summer looked up. “I don’t know.” Cassandra took a spot on the floor next to Summer, “do you hate me?”

Cassandra shook her head no, “he’s a jerk. Are you ok?”

“Yes… No. But, I will be.”

“So is it still ok if I come to Thanksgiving with you?”

“You still want to?”

“Of course, I’ve never had a Grimeston-Darling Thanksgiving.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“You, no, him, yes. Let’s pack and go hey?”

“Yeah, sure, Cass, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Sticking up for me.”

“Hey they all got a good show out there, now all the girls know what he is.”

“Can we get drunk tonight?”

“That’s my girl”



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The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Six :.

My name is Elliot Parker. Yes, I was finally getting what was left of my belongings but what happened that day still isn’t over.

So as I was packing Madam came upstairs and asked me “how much have you told him?” I said we were only having a conversation; could she leave me alone so I could get on with it. She disappeared back downstairs for a few minutes and came back upstairs this time she said “you told him nana was giving me money” I responded in saying that it’s the truth. I told her to leave me alone again. I suppose she went back downstairs yet again talking to him. By this point all that I could say was that I was proud of myself for not flying off the handle or anything. Even though, it probably would have made me feel better she would have found a way to create a victim stance against it.

Well the next time she came up she said “it’s all your fault I am losing everything you ruined everything. I’m losing you and I’m losing him and it’s all your fault.”

My fault? Really? Because I told one ridiculous lie after another, played everyone off of one another to get what I wanted and then blamed everyone else when it got found out? Are you freaking kidding me? None of this was my fault. I didn’t ask for any of this, I didn’t want any of this. I told her to leave me alone but she didn’t she just kept on blaming me and trying to make me feel bad and guilty that she got told off so I finally raised my voice and told her to leave me alone. She walked away and went back downstairs. I finished packing my stuff. It was a few carrier bags full when you took out what was broken and damaged.

Sure I felt even more bitter, they had thrown out the bedside unit of my grandads that I had inherited and it hurt more, she had stolen my last chance to say goodbye to him years ago as it was by taking her then boyfriend now *vomits more in the mouth* husband up there to see him. I couldn’t hate her more if I tried in that moment, another memory stolen, ruined and desecrated by lies. More lies and more of her making herself a victim and making herself more and what she wants more important than anyone else.

Her *eww* husband helped me carry my stuff down stairs and into the front garden. I said a goodbye and I said “quite frankly I am proud of myself for keeping my shit together and not letting my temper fly. I made lots of progress.” Then I spoke to her directly this time “if you want any sort of forgiveness or to sort things out you need to go get help and sort yourself out. Go see a shrink.” I said goodbye the door closed.

Dyl came to my rescue, I took my stuff to him at the end of the road and he helped me carry it to his. As far as I am concerned I’ve never wanted him to meet her, for the simple reason, I don’t want her toxic influence to spread onto something that makes me so unbelievably happy.

On the way to Dyl’s I called my nana and told her every single thing that was said and done in those two hours all that I found out and she still didn’t believe me. She refused to believe Madam being married until she saw the certificate. I told her everything regardless. I told her simply that I am done with Madam. I told her that she will not ever come to my wedding when I get married, she will never meet any children I have and she will not be a part of my future. I told nana to not try to change that.

That evening, when it came to bed time, that was the first night that I cried and it felt like every cell in my body was crying too. It was like I was screaming on the inside and struggling to breathe through the tears. I lost so much in such a quick amount of time. My dog baby JJ, what little relationship I had left with my mother, what little connection I had with her, with my house, my home and my childhood, however good or bad was smashed and destroyed.

It felt like I had lost everything, but not quite, I know I had Dyl. But it felt like I had finally let go of those ropes that had been burning me and had me chained up and in agony for my entire life. Part of me couldn’t understand what I was crying about, I had my freedom. My entire freedom, something I needed and wanted for so long. I had it. Yet, all I could feel was this horrific feeling of loss. Like a giant black whale crushing me, like that elephant had come to destroy me with his friend. Breathing just hurt. Trying to hold it together was like trying to capture the ocean in your fingers. Impossible.

That was the start of me not being able to sleep properly at all. While I lay there all night in the dark, the warmth of Dyl beside me could only soothe the pain so much, I lay awake almost all night, unable to sleep. I saw nearly all the hours of that night other than two. When I woke up it began again. Trying to pretend like I was ok. Like rearranging the bags so that I could take them back to mine wasn’t tearing me to shreds inside. Being able to examine all the damage of what I could save close up. Remembering all the things I couldn’t, all the things that were absent from my rescue attempt.

Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty-One


Having not seen Jamie for nearly a week it was quite nice and peaceful. Cassandra was getting back on track with her studies. Summer however still struggled to work out what had happened after Cassandra left the social. Like the missing piece of a puzzle.

The curse of essays and coursework seemed to overload Summer on a nightly basis. She spent most evenings in the library. It was sort of soothing, the sound of scratching pens on paper, the turns of pages, the typing on keyboards.

It was a faint whisper saying her name that broke her concentration. She looked up to see no one. She set back to work. A shuffle of footsteps went past, another whisper reached out “promitto memorari” she smiled repeating the words to herself like a faint memory. A tap on the shoulder confirmed she wasn’t mistaken or imagining things. She turned but no one was there, just a note on the top of her books.

“Take your books back to your dorm. Put on an evening gown. Be outside the library entrance in an hour. Promitto Memorari”

Summer searched the note and her surroundings for clues but found none. She packed her things and made her way back to her dorm.

Summer slipped into her bedroom and rushed to get ready, pulling out the sea green evening dress and changed. She tied up her dyed brown hair, looking at the roots only she would notice with disgust. She applied a coat of mascara a tiny bit of eyeliner and lip gloss slipping them into her bag. She slipped some simple black shoes on her feet and left.

Reaching the library, she found another note in the plant pot, tucked into the ivy. She pulled it out to see her name on the paper.

“Light the candle and come with us. Promitto Memorari”

Summer tried to find a candle but stumbled on a lantern tucked by the plant pot, inside it, a tea light and a match. With a little difficulty she lit the candle. She looked up and searched around her, there was a flickering of candle light ahead. She hesitated for a second before she made her way towards it. Every step and it moved away, she followed the lantern lights now increasing in numbers carried by unseen handlers all filtering to one direction.

After fifteen minutes she found herself in a familiar chamber. It was the glittering room that hers and Elizabeth’s grandfathers had taken her to for her birthday celebration. The lanterns stopped moving and the silence engulfed them all. Until at last someone shouted “promitto memorari”. It was taken up by the crowd where it was chorused until silence fell and the lights were lit.

“Brothers and sisters of Storm and Fire, tonight, we welcome new members, one of which a Darling.” The crowd cheered. Summer felt the eyes on her, and she became uncomfortable in her own skin. The speaker continued as a hand had taken hers and lead her through the crowd to a group of other girls. “Tonight we welcome the individuals.”

The girls were lead into the annex; a group of boys lead to another direction. Behind the annex door there was an unfamiliar buzzing noise. Summer was lead to a table. Beside it was something she had seen in documentaries, a tattoo gun and ink. She felt herself become anxious. The lady who had been sat there asked her how she wanted the writing and what colours she liked. She picked a pretty scrawl and violet and black ink. The woman smiled, covered in her own ink. The skirt of Summer’s dress was lifted and her hip exposed. It took an hour or so to finish. The stinging reminded her of an angry cat scratch, but her new tattoo was beautiful. “Promitto Memorari” was forever etched onto her skin. Summer had overheard a little about what was happening tonight. The initiation of the new members of the “secret” society on campus.

Soon the girls were gathered together and loaded into a couple of minivans before they made their way to a new location. A hair dressers salon.

Summer was told to sit in the chair, which she did. A colour chart was thrust into her lap and she was told to pick the colour that appealed to her most. Without hesitation her finger landed on a copper auburn shade. The hair dresser smiled and disappeared.

Summer looked around, every one of them had a hairdresser applying dyes and foils to their hair. Summer’s tattoo stung being kept at this angle.

About half hour or so later the dye was washed away with the mirrors covered they had no idea how they looked. A girl to her left now had blue hair. They were given a tiny mirror strictly to fix their make-up.

The girls got back into the van able to catch fleeting glances at their reflections in the windows.

They were returned to the glittering room; the flashes of cameras rang around them as they were each made to stand in front of a “before” photo of themselves from earlier in the evening.

Soon the drinks flowed freely and the socialising began. Summer seemed to be in the middle of a crowd no matter where she walked. There was a curiosity and a familiarity with most of the members here tonight. The evening ended in a round of shots before they were encouraged back into their dorm rooms.

Summer crept quietly into her dorm not wanting to wake Cassandra and explain. Instead she slipped into her bedroom and fell into a deep sleep having shed her dress at the foot of her bed.



The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Five :.

My name is Elliot Parker, and the story of that two hours of my life is still not finished.

So, there we were, in the kitchen. I said the new floor looked good, turned out he had laid it himself. Credit where credit is due, it looked better than the last load of lino. So I asked what else was different. The old living room, the one I had painted was all new with a carpet and everything I had put in there was gone. That was the first clue.

He asked me if I saw her on Sundays, the day he wasn’t about. I said no, I work Sundays. He said he thinks she’s been having an affair. I shrugged. Not my business, but I don’t see her Sundays. I said I was only there because things were tense when she came over earlier. He said she had told him she was off out at a breakfast with her mates. I shrugged again. I told him where she was, I explained it was the only day I could make. She had been hounding to spend time with me and that was the only day I was willing to give her. She had told him she goes to visit her mother and she can’t help it if I am there, she wasn’t happy about it. I wondered how much more ridiculousness we were enduring.

I asked to go to see my room. He told me there wasn’t much there. He was right, the units I had brought, built and installed in my room a few months before I left were gone, thrown in a skip apparently. My bed was gone. What little of my stuff remained was likely to be in the bin bags stacked in the corner of the room. The little she hadn’t thrown away was in bin bags. The last of my life was there, crumpled up in a heap in the corner of the room. That’s when it hit me, how little she cared for my existence, it made me in that moment question if she ever did. I wouldn’t have the questioning lingering much longer though.

We went back downstairs and talked some more. Some of it was catching up, some of it was dispelling Madam’s myths. This was beginning to get ridiculous. I asked him if he had a job, he said no, she had been telling him not to that she was insisting he didn’t get a job, didn’t apply and didn’t interview. And I believed him, she did the exact same thing to me all the time, she hated when I did get a job in that hell of a school. Surprising, considering how badly she was desperate to kick me out again. I told her that she was making it seem like he was scrounging money off her and putting her into debt, she was always making it seem like she had no money at all. She had been taking money from my nana. He was surprised. I explained to him that I wasn’t blackmailing her at all, fact of the matter was when he left for prison she made me move back in and I managed to get rid of some of her debts for her. She made me delete all my social medias at the time so that him and his family couldn’t find me (telling me he was threatening me, but telling him and his family that I died) for that she gave me a little bit of money in her words as a present to make up for it.

The more we spoke the more we found out, I wanted to take the little of my stuff and leave. We were discussing if we going to confront her with it or walk away when the choice was taken from us. The key was in the door and she was walking in. So we sat in the other room and waited in silence waiting for her to walk in. We sat there as she walked in the room and waited for her to speak, she stood there staring at us sat as physically as far apart on opposite ends of the room, sure it was a civilised conversation, but I am certain neither of us felt safe at all. In any way shape or form. She didn’t speak. So I did, “I thought I’d stop by for a chat and to see JJ, but apparently he’s not been here for months.” She stood there for a minute realising her lies were exposed. She just said “Oh, yeah.”

Rather than speaking to her directly I asked if I could borrow some bags so I could take my things from the bin bags upstairs. Her *vomits in mouth* husband got up and took some carrier bags out of the cupboard under the stairs. I took the bags and I went upstairs and began to undo the top bag. I got into it and leafed through trying to find what I hadn’t wanted to be parted from. I found some of the family photos cramped into the bottom of one and took it out and began putting things into bags sorting through the stuff. It was stressful and it hurt me to do it. To have to work out what was salvageable and what I had to give up on. I had to give up on a lot. Luckily the things I wanted most I could rescue, just about, however bent and squashed they were I could take them. And I had no intention of leaving the things behind. Even though this was less than a quarter of what I had in my room when I had to leave. Whether it was the dust or how I felt about it making it hard to breathe I couldn’t tell. I guess that’s when that elephant of emotions found its homing beacon. It was painful and I wanted to break down and cry but now was not the time, I wasn’t in a safe place. Not yet.

The 2018 Project

So great news! I CAN TICK OFF NUMBER 18!

Yep one minor savings goal. Technically I’ve saved for two now… My Birthday and now my first anniversary with the other half.

Technically still doing 16, I had a little trim to get rid of a few split ends, but that was less than an inch so it doesn’t count as chopping it all off…

24/7 Goals:

  1. Do Nanowrimo
  2. Write The Diary of Elliot Parker (4)
  3. Draft up book 2 of The Big Project
  4. Re-edit book 1 of The Big Project
  5. Edit book 2 of The Big Project
  6. Learn to drive
  7. See a West End show
  8. Complete at least one of the tattoos
  9. Improve on last year’s site views
  10. Keep learning guitar
  11. Create and keep a manageable writing schedule
  12. Look for/find an agent for The Big Project
  13. Finish the cable knit jumper
  14. Start and finish a cross stitch project
  15. Win the lotto jackpot
  16. Keep growing hair out
  17. Keep doing daily positive aspects
  18. Complete at least one minor savings goal
  19. Have Christmas wrapped up before October 31st
  20. Read around 12 books at least over the year for fun…
  21. Be more time efficient, come up with a better schedule.
  22. Fit into the blue dress again and go somewhere to celebrate it
  23. Begin writing the next big project for the site
  24. Enjoy 2018 as much as possible, be happy at every chance!!!!

2/7 goals complete!

Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty


Summer had quickly become a workaholic. It didn’t help that Elizabeth was still acting a bit strange since finding out that she had inherited the bakery. It was made worse by Cassandra and Jamie liked to over indulge in their steamy relationship.

Summer hadn’t slipped under the radar though; she was the Darling at Darling College. When she wasn’t hiding in her dorm with loud music in her ears and assignments all around her trying to shut out the noise from the next room she was in the library with her assignments.

Summer was constantly concerned for Elizabeth who still blamed herself for her ex returning. He still hadn’t been caught. It had been over a month. Kingston had helped Summer out by installing a security system, which was little used thanks to Elizabeth’s visitors. The only time it was used was the time when Elizabeth got infuriated and asked them all to leave, only to bury herself into Archie’s files.

Reluctantly Summer agreed to go to a “social” with Cassandra and Jamie just to shut them up. She went with them but got bored of their affectionate public displays. Summer had had a drink or two and sat at the table twiddling her thumbs. Cassandra told Jamie to keep an eye on Summer who wasn’t in the spirit of it before she had to leave for an emergency with her lab partner.

Summer was a little tipsy, and being the Darling had attracted a little too much attention leaving Jamie to act as a buffer to the boys trying to “bag the Darling”. With a few more drinks in her system Summer was sort of floating to her dorm. Or perhaps it was just the sensation of Jamie trying to make her walk.

Jamie shouted for Cassandra but she wasn’t there. He tried to steer a very drunk Summer into her dorm who was now obsessed with surfing on the sofa. Summer stumbled as she tried to drag her weight towards the sofa. Jamie caught her and held her up a little. She looked at him smiling before confusion contorted her features as he kissed her. She pulled away coming to her senses she told him to leave using the arm of the sofa to keep her standing more upright. She heard him slam the door before she fell on the sofa.


Summer woke to the sobbing noise coming from Cassandra’s room. Her head was throbbing, her throat was sandpaper and the noise was awful. She peeled herself from the sofa and stumbled towards Cassandra’s room she propped herself against the wall as she asked what was wrong.

“Why doesn’t he love me?” Summer’s brain felt foggy as she swayed towards Cassandra. Eventually Cassandra managed to explain that Jamie had broken up with her. Summer asked “why?”

“He decided it wasn’t working, apparently he likes someone else. How could he do this?” Summer held Cassandra as she cried trying to ignore the bother of all hang overs.

The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Four :.

My name is Elliot Parker. If I am a deliberate creator, why do I feel so out of control right now?

Two weeks ago I decided to surprise my mother. I decided to just stop by her house, yup I said her house. She kicked me out two years ago and put block after block on me visiting her. But I was in the area and I decided to take a little control and stop by and have a chat. That is how the truth came out. She wasn’t home, but the man she had kicked me out for was. The one I didn’t approve of, never had never will. She kicked me out because he was out of prison and she wanted him back in the house.

She had spent months saying they broke up and he was moving out but dragging his heels taking his stuff slowly. So confronted by the site of him opening the door and telling me she wasn’t in I decided now was the best chance I had of knowing the truth.

I asked him if he lived there, he said yes. I asked him if they were still together, he said yes. I asked him how together was together, he pulled his hand out of his pocket and showed me his wedding ring. I asked how long, three years- when he was still in prison. She had lied. Repeatedly. All those times I had asked her about the ring and all she said was it made him feel better about being inside, she denied being married to him, time and again. She had lied again. I didn’t even feel surprised. I don’t think she has ever told me the damn truth. Like an idiot I stood there. Like an idiot I said “so you’re not moving out?”, no was his response. That’s when he invited me in, then I remembered one of what I was about to find out one of her many lies. So I asked him if he was trying to do some kind of harm to me because I didn’t help with his court case he said no, he had no use of me. Another one of her looming dangerous threats and lies disappeared. So I stepped through the door of my old home.

I asked if my dog was about, I couldn’t hear him behind the living room door. He said no. He said my mother had rehomed him months ago. Without my consent. That was it, my baby was gone, the only thing that she could have manipulated and forced me to get back into that house was gone. And it broke my heart, not that she no longer had something to hold over me. But like yet another lie that she had been forcing down my throat telling me, my baby wasn’t really there. My baby was gone, there was no way I could find him or bring him back. There is no way I could bring my JJ home. There was no way I could hug him again, there was no way I could have had the chance to say good bye. He was gone. I was told that Madam as I call my mother, had rehomed him months ago to a farm. I’m not a five-year-old anymore, when people say they rehomed a dog or a pet to a farm it normally translates to the pet was put down. That is when the first seeds of hatred really sprouted up and started to really grow.

I went into the living room, the TV was on and working and it wasn’t at all broken. Unlike what madam had been telling, she had said my boy had thrown a tennis ball into the TV screen and broke it. Trying to get a new TV out of it. Well, that didn’t surprise me, I even asked her *Swallows the bile* husband about the TV if it had ever been broken. He said no. By now disbelief and surprise were impossible. That is when he said something, he had been wanting to contact me recently. That had my interest, he wanted to send me a message to say that he realised now that I hadn’t been blackmailing my mother and that he should never harassed and threatened me by text. I said it would have been impossible for him to message me, I refused to give my mother my new number since I changed it after his messages. I wasn’t surprised that she said I was blackmailing her, because of those messages that when I asked her about it she said it was because he was all up in her face and she had to say something, anything for him to back off. What frustrated me was that she was still trying to sell those lies, even now. Those same old falsehoods. And I was always the villain, no matter what, even when it was entirely her behaviour, her choice, her fault it was always still all blamed on me. I must have seemed pathetic, I felt it right then, another one of her lies, all at her own convenience. Always saving her own damn skin. Always so she can be the victim, so she can garner sympathy, be at the centre of attention, so she can’t be blamed, so she isn’t responsible for her actions. It always had to be my fault. The scapegoat.

I suppose I must have been deer in the headlight a little, I suppose he was too. He even offered me a cup of tea. The man she had told me was threatening me, wanted me dead, was holding a civilised conversation with me and even offered me a cup of tea in the house that I grew up in. I refused, too many bad memories and to be honest, I still didn’t feel safe. I suspect I haven’t felt safe in that house, not really, not once. I was always under some kind of fire.