Knitter Knatter

It’s Knitter Knatter Five and I have a guilty confession. I decided to start a new project rather than finish one of the many I already have on the go right now.

You know my co-worker who’s having the baby, well she already has a little toddler at home and I didn’t want her to feel left out so I decided to try and make a cardigan for her. Something I have never done before!


This is the casting on and a few rows of the back of the pattern, you can just about see the pattern picture of what the end result should look like… and my pjs and my knitting mess on my chair to go with it… Still need a name for the owl teddy…

A larger section of the back panel and my knitting notes kept on a paper scrap for knitting, helps me keep my rows on other panels even in theory.

 One of the front panels beginning the neck shaping. Must say this wool is pretty and looks great when all the colours get shown in a panel. (Yep it is poundland wool but its absolutely gorgeous)…

It’s taking a lot more concentration than I thought but then it is a small cardigan, although its so much easier to knit than that sodding cable pattern from hell that I have been putting off…




So its my birthday

Well, this month it is and I figured I’d stick this post in between the regular flow because well, I’m excited.

This past year has been so incredible. I think being 27 was great but now its time for 28 and I know this is going to be an incredible year, I can just feel it already.

Since I turned 27…

We went to Comic Con (awesome as fuck!)

We went to Brighton and boy was that lots of fun and really nice to have some quality time at the seaside.

Got engaged!!!

Got to celebrate the one year anniversary with the other half!

Went on a week away to the seaside with the other half.

Saw the Phantom of the Opera (twice) and ate at the Savoy Grill!!!

Went to the Demi Lovato concert!

Got to spend time with the best people in the world! Family and the best friends I could ask for!

Had a really awesome Christmas!

I had such an amazing year and I know that this year will have so many awesome adventures and I just can’t wait!

Carpe Noctem

Chapter Five: Petrova

I glare angrily at Bleddyn, “what do we do until then?” I can’t help it. As much as I don’t know how I feel about her, I know that no matter who it was they would still be reacting the same, inadequately. If this was me, there would be no difference, there are always a million rules and procedures they have to follow. What is it we are owed? “Are we really meant to sit around and wait and see if there is a maybe chance a warlock might help us?”

“What else can we do?” Bleddyn’s exasperation is clear but what does that matter. After all, all we are is warriors to a cause. I sigh heavily again, trying to make my disapproval clear. When I see it registered I accept my job is done. “We have some support coming to keep an eye here, until it is secure or until we hear back from Mr Prior. You can all go home and get some rest.”

“Seriously, Lei gets taken and we are told to go to bed? We want to help; we want to get her back” Monty speaks up no longer quiet, but somehow we are all agreeing with him.

“I know you do, I know you all do but right now, you have all done your regular patrols, eviscerated so many demons in one go. You deserve and need some rest. We may know nothing until tomorrow so please get some rest and we can all talk together tomorrow. Ok? It is late.” Bleddyn implored us in a way that he could have convinced our exhausted bodies to do anything right now, it wasn’t until he had put it like that, that the feeling of exhaustion finally had a voice in my body urging me home.

Leaving the warehouse, I decided I wanted to walk home once we got our stuff from our lockers. Ward offered to take me home but I just wanted to get away from people for a while, even him. I didn’t want to talk about any of it. Not right now. He saw me onto the bus and messaged me, even though he arrived home much quicker than I did, he stayed up messaging me. I suppose it made me feel safe, even though I can hold my own it doesn’t matter. I allowed myself to feel for the heat in the air, the warmth on a cool breeze.

Looking up from my phone and shoving it in my bag I looked up into the sky now a deeper shade of blue, coated in specks of light, stars all in the sky. The angels we were told as children, watching over us to keep us safe and show us the way, show us the light in the darkness.

There was a slightly brighter hue ahead, my way home had been made brighter by streetlights flickering into life, finally dark enough to work but not dark enough to be really needed. Turning the corner, I saw something up ahead. Something that seemed to have its own way of light, not another face glued to a phone, it was different. In this darkness the person ahead seemed to have their own sort of lightness about them. Each step away from me seemed to shine with warmth. I stopped still for a moment. I concentrated. Feeling through the breeze what energy was surrounding them, it was warm, in the most unusual way. It made my cheeks feel flushed, like when you have held your face up towards the sun and smiled at just how sweet and warm it feels. I began to walk again, following the sweet warmth without meaning to, it was going the same direction I was headed. Continue reading

The 2019 Project

So I didnt buy the Kat Von D eyeliner I was looking at, Avon did a version of it and so I thought I would buy it seeing as its cheaper and see if I can get on with it. Turns out I haven’t yet mastered it. So we will see.


24/7 Goals:

  1. Write one book
  2. See a west end show
  3. Write a second book
  4. Create/keep a writing schedule that works for me
  5. Keep working on
  6. Work with an agent/publisher
  7. Complete one knitting project
  8. Complete some crafting cross stitch project
  9. Keep doing daily positive aspects
  10. Complete one minor savings goal
  11. Get Christmas wrapped up early (ie. Halloween)
  12. Learn a new song on guitar
  13. Work on the schedule and make it work for this year
  14. Do another “on the fly” project
  15. Draw or sketch something to a point that you are happy with it
  16. Learn how to do winged eyeliner freehand
  17. Win the lottery
  18. Dress up and go out for an evening
  19. Buy a Kat Von D eyeliner
  20. Read five books this year minimum
  21. Get a tattoo (either finish one or get a whole new one)
  22. Create a budget that works really well
  23. Go ice skating at least once
  24. Enjoy 2019 as much as you possibly can!

Carpe Noctem

Chapter Five: Leianna

Despite all sanity I followed the green cats eyes through a portal and found myself here. Where moonlight is the only light on soft rippling water. One step and then another lead me from the concrete and metal jungle of the world I knew to here. The shadowy figure with cat’s eyes keeping me above the surface, preventing the Styx from swallowing me whole. Further we walk through the Styx, the large doorway we had walked through is dissolved into darkness. Crossing a lay line felt easy, Henry had always told me bridging a lay line is hard. Harder than this felt.

Finally, I dare to speak, “where are we going?” Of all the questions that was the one I chose. Not “where are we?” I could guess this is the path to hell, though much more beautiful than I had expected, a starless sky lit by the most beautiful moon. Not “who are you?” Because whoever this figure is, I am sure I will find out soon.

The figure raised his hand, wanting my voice silenced. A soft flowing, like silk in the wind, leaked from his fingertips, assuming it is after all this, male. The inky black swirl that had come from his hand wrapped its way around my body, a long flowing black hooded cloak, that felt so soft that silken would have seen an insult. Woven water would have been impossible surely? After sometime in silence with swirling darkness surrounding the busy hum of lives being lived without light. Bowing to the figure that lead me along, keeping me well wrapped in a cloak that seemed to have obscured me from notice. I am lead one foot to another to what is best described as an ancient, castle. Through a grand courtyard and in through the gates, bowed in by gargoyle like creatures that turned my stomach in every way imaginable. On we walked, servants bowing as they are dismissed. This was never going to be just any demon was it? Of course not with my luck; lead here captive to a demon who had remained mostly silent for miles.

“I am not a demon” his voice sounded almost human, distorted by the high ceiling of the room we had just walked into. Dark black sparkling granite walls, high ceilings, two sofas of lime green cushioning either side a heavy black coffee table. He strides to the furthest sofa from the door, the room empty of anyone but us. He removes his cloak. A tall man with pale blue eyes sat on the sofa, less imposing and monstrous than I had imagined he would be. Though undeniably, devilishly handsome. Am I allowed to think that? Continue reading