Coryburn Girls Winds Of Change

Well I am sure you are all wanting to see whats been driving me mad recently.

Heres a cheeky link to the book. 



Chapter One


In the crisp warm air Kayetelynn and Annabella walked arm in arm through a dimly lit garden; taking the time to smell a rose on their stroll. As though nothing out of the ordinary could ever happen in their lives; as though nothing out of the ordinary ever has happened. In complete honesty, tonight was a rare night off from chasing leads as politely and as unassumingly as possible. It had become an exhausting experience, often met with dead ends at the assumption that the girls were in fact no more then dreamers or trouble stirring to have something to gossip over.

It took Annabella a few moments longer than it should have to recognise the man that had come to a stop in front of them. He seemed to be a truly disgruntled and agitated figure of a man; he pushed a piece of crumpled paper into her hand.

“My- is it really you? Where have you been?” Annabella had caught him; he was immensely uncomfortable; unconsciously in his anxious state he stroked his beard, shaking his head to her question unwilling to actually speak, hoping to get away. Barely the shadow of a man they once knew.

Annabella was baffled that it taken her so long to recognise his face, after all this time she had never imagined he could change this much. “Tarron?” she pushed but he shook his head and pointed at the paper. Kayetelynn unfolded the crumpled paper and stared at the messy scrawl, “it’s an address?”

Finally he spoke, “I heard you were looking for something. That is the very last address that I was able to track it to.”

Annabella stood still in disbelief, “but Tarron that doesn’t explain the beard, you look ridiculous.” Kayetelynn’s comment dismayed Annabella who had hoped the two would be able to get along. “Kayetelynn, hush it suits him, don’t worry about Kayetelynn. She’s not been herself lately.”

Which was a lie, this was very Kayetelynn like behaviour, but Tarron nodded and excused himself despite Annabella’s weak protests; as quickly as he had come, he had disappeared.

Annabella smacked Kayetelynn on the arm agitating her sister, “what was that for?”

“You didn’t have to be so mean, he was helping us, we haven’t seen him in months and the first thing you chose to do was insult him.”

“He is being a baby”

“Lynny, you are the one acting like a child”

“I am not. I am angry. Why aren’t you? He left and didn’t even apologize; we got caught because he abandoned us, for all we know he could have told the guards where we were.”

Annabella sighed and pulled Kayetelynn to the side of the path, away from any eavesdropping passers by. In a hushed voice she finally spoke, “we got the box and we got out, we should be thankful we managed that. Do you not think that time and time again we have persuaded him to flout every one of his morals; he does it every single time because it is you who asks it of him. He loves you and you don’t feel a thing for him. He knows that, and yet still he is clinging to misguided hope that you will change and love him as he loves you. I am sorry Lynny but you don’t seem to want to even think about the entirety of this painting so please next time you see him, just apologize. Like it or not right now we still need and we are still using his help. So just think about that next time you snap at him, we still need his help. You know we do.”

Kayetelynn soured at her sister’s reasoning, more so that she had chosen to take someone else’s side over hers. It didn’t matter that Annabella was right, what mattered to Kayetelynn was her wounded pride.



Chapter Two


The air was dark and cool as Kayetelynn and Annabella made their way over the final hillside that stood in their path. Finally confronting their next adventure, before them was a seemingly unassuming home in the countryside that they had been seeking all this time. When the house finally came to view the ground seemed to lurch a little beneath their feet.

It was Annabella who took the lead like a hunting wolf on the scent of a kill. Annabella rarely wanted to take the lead for anything, not openly at least. But now more than it had ever been, the idea of being the leader was little but a thought in the tiny corner of her mind.

Annabella had felt the pull of what she had for so long been searching for; from the ridge of the hill it had all seemed so much harder, but now that she reached the walls of the house she could feel something calling to her. Everything began to feel that bit easier for her. She dragged Kayetelynn past the cold, ice-frosted windows towards the back entrance, quietly and with ease she picked and pulled at the lock hearing the final click she smiled.

Kayetelynn was open mouthed as Annabella made a line straight into the study; as though she had always known this house. Kayetelynn was in awe of her sense of direction, but her admiration fell into a sense of unease at an army of taxidermy squirrels, badgers and foxes that lined every single space around her. Annabella hissed at Kayetelynn to follow her, having seen the hundreds of draws lining the study room. Kayetelynn began to rifle through them making a considerable mess. It was Annabella who dropped to her knees and felt around the corner of the heavy rug, pulling it back to reveal a loose floorboard that creaked below her feet. It took a little bit of effort for Annabella to gently prise it open quietly.

Feeling around in the open space she felt the cold, hardness wrapped within a bundle of cheap rags. She peeled the layers of fabric away like it was an onion until she saw the core. The thing that had occupied her every thought for the last few months; night after night, with that same strange dream. The desire that had fuelled her determination and her search was now in her hand, the cold glinting blood diamond. Carefully she wrapped it back up and placed it within her bust before she replaced the floorboard wanting to keep a safe hold of the stone and never wanting to let it out of her sight.

Annabella and Kayetelynn left the door unlocked as they left; sensing that feeling that they had long overstayed their unwelcome; getting away would be a thousand times more important than locking the door behind them.

Somewhere within the house its owner had indeed awoken, with a start, leaping from his bed he ran to the window. There in the darkness he saw the figure of two girls running, desperate to get away. Clutching at his chest he knew what had been taken. It wasn’t fear that had overtaken him at the loss of something precious. Instead he smiled as he watched them leaving over the edge of the hill. “At last it is finally gone; it can be their nightmare from now.” He mumbled to himself.

He smiled getting back into his bed he nuzzled at his wife kissing her neck in the darkness. Uncaring of what mess could await them in the morning. His desire that had long since been suppressed seemed to awaken and with it a new energy.



At last! I finally got my bum in gear. So here it is.

Its taken a while. But I finally managed to do it! I achieved the impossible! Well the possible, obviously I am just a bit lazy.

I want to talk to you about why I have chosen the release date of JUNE 3RD just so you are aware.

I have a friend, a great friend. Whom I have had the greatest pleasure of being best friends with since the age of thirteen… so its been almost, 11 years this year. H. is more like a brother to me now than a friend. He is honestly the funniest, quirkiest person to talk to. He makes me eternally proud and lucky. I have utter faith in him. Like me he likes to write, and hes great. The differences between us and our similarities make the friendship that much more special. He brings out the best in me. And I hope I return the favour.

H. is the brother I wish I had. But thanks to fate he is the brother I do have. So when it came to choosing a release date, I wanted to honour him in some way, he is so supportive over my writing, so I thought that one way I could honour him this year was to release the second of the Coryburn Girls on his birthday.

He has read, inspired and put up with me ranting about all the ideas and stories in my head. So in honour of H, the book is going to see the world on his birthday.

Coryburn Girls – Winds of Change!

Its coming!!!

In next weeks blog I will have the link to hopefully attach so that you can jump directly over.


Well what can I tell you about the second adventure for the alter egos?

Well not too much, but I suspect that a few characters will be discovering some nasty home truths in the process of self discovery.

Honestly, soon it will be the end of the road for these alter egos, and their bad adventures, they are about to trigger a series of events that will destroy the life they have always known. AND I CANT WAIT!

One birthday this week

Well this birthday, is the daughter of one of the most amazing women I know.

Car, well, for short.  She is my amazing friend in the states. A source of wisdom and love that transcends the ocean.

I know her daughter will have an amazing day because of her mother this week… So I just wanted to say a quick happy birthday to her.

It should be the last birthday for a short while. So regular service of babbling mess shall resume.


Car said something to me that recently hit a nerve. “If someone really likes you they will go out of their way to make you smile or laugh, if they don’t, that is your answer.”

She is right. It really hurt to hear, but she isn’t wrong. In some ways I wish she was. But then I look at it in another way, my true friends, the ones I rely on, yeah, they are there for me, they make me smile and laugh and I hope that I make them smile and laugh even more, because it really does make me happy to see them smile.