At last! I finally got my bum in gear. So here it is.

Its taken a while. But I finally managed to do it! I achieved the impossible! Well the possible, obviously I am just a bit lazy.

I want to talk to you about why I have chosen the release date of JUNE 3RD just so you are aware.

I have a friend, a great friend. Whom I have had the greatest pleasure of being best friends with since the age of thirteen… so its been almost, 11 years this year. H. is more like a brother to me now than a friend. He is honestly the funniest, quirkiest person to talk to. He makes me eternally proud and lucky. I have utter faith in him. Like me he likes to write, and hes great. The differences between us and our similarities make the friendship that much more special. He brings out the best in me. And I hope I return the favour.

H. is the brother I wish I had. But thanks to fate he is the brother I do have. So when it came to choosing a release date, I wanted to honour him in some way, he is so supportive over my writing, so I thought that one way I could honour him this year was to release the second of the Coryburn Girls on his birthday.

He has read, inspired and put up with me ranting about all the ideas and stories in my head. So in honour of H, the book is going to see the world on his birthday.

Whats on your mind?

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