One step at a time

Well, it’s pretty much how I survive each day. It is also how I approach everything in my life.

One step at a time.

The best advice I can give anyone is one step at a time. I know, it sounds so simple. Its not.

Do you take little steps or big steps? NEITHER, I take comfortable ones. If a step is too big break it down into smaller pieces. I do that with posts on here too. I start out little and grow it bit by bit.

So this post…

Ok the last thing I wrote on here was about positive thinking/positivity.

Well, I don’t know if I can strictly say it works, I am still finding it hard. I have tried listening to Abraham Hicks a bit more, its a slow process and I am less than consistent. One thought at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. Soon momentum will take over…

Momentum is a double edged sword, or a roller coaster… I have no idea.

But I did learn a song on the guitar. It took a while but I have learned “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato. Now at the moment, I am not very good, but give it time and I am sure I could maybe learn to do it without looking at my left hand the whole damn time… One step at a time remember… one fret at a time…

Positivity is a huge staircase full of momentum, one little thing can make each big step smaller and easier to accomplish, perhaps in time it may even teach me to fly. But honestly right now, everything seems like some busy bustling whirlwind. I know it has to stay fast, I know momentum can only increase and it is better to go with it than to ride against it. So I am making each step on my path more sure footed by knowing what it is that I really want.

There are all these motivational things that say about taking steps on your own path. Or how that you are already on your path. It seems like the destination is always changing with your focus, so maybe its not a path, maybe you are just walking through forests and walking mountains and rivers and lakes and its all just walking. No matter what one step than another always forward. But maybe rather than walking to or running to or even running away from something we are just, walking. There is no where we are walking to. It is simply for the pleasure of walking, of seeing and observing and partaking in things that makes us happy.

What really makes you happy on a walk to no where? What are you escaping? What are you trying to get away from? What are you trying to enjoy? Why do you seek out your happy place? If not for the peace and joy of a single beautiful moment of clarity and harmony.

I have no idea now what I had intended to write when I started the slow start to this post other than one thing, to follow the river of thoughts. It’s a little random and a little uncertain so perhaps the insight it gives is that all this needs is a good old bit of insight.


Author Update (September 16)


Well… Whats been happening this month?

Well… COUNTING CORVIDS is on Amazon… Click here for the link … Please get yourself a copy!! This is the complete collection of Counting Corvids; the chapters and the cheeky extras all in one place… Yay!

I am still learning guitar, its three and a half months in and I bet you are rolling your eyes right now. So I will tell you what I have learned this month!

I’ve been learning “Love yourself” and I am still struggling with “World of Chances”. But I am determined to get better. It’s a divide between finger plucking vs strumming between the two songs. Oh and I am learning “Cake By the Ocean” too! So this month has been an attempt at three songs and little progress but getting there. Slowly.

So next month begins something special… Something I have been working on and boy have I been excited. There are a few extracts of truth here and there in the new project. But it is a project that I have found myself falling in love with. It really is quite fun to write so I hope it is as much fun to read. I have surprisingly found this project quite cathartic and invigorating. So I hope that translates to you all. So the very first chance to see the story emerge is in October. I am still writing it and working on it, its always ever evolving so I cant wait to see what happens and how it ends.

I am so excited. I feel like I am finally getting more productive. The frequent days of unproductive feel like they are shrinking. The urge to write more is underway. So who knows what I might get done by the end of the year. I have hopes and plans, but who knows.

Being mad isn’t a bad thing as long as you want to find that better feeling thought. I’m ready to forgive and move on. The past wont change. The past can’t change. It is what happens next that matters. That new project I wrote as I felt it, as it felt appropriate in that moment to write so I did. It made me feel better. I feel better for having written the next story for here that comes out next month. I feel better for knowing what I want. What I want is to keep feeling better and happier. Regardless. That is my personal internal project and oh boy is it hard.

Another writing thing that I know I haven’t sorted that out, I haven’t done the big edit project this month, at all. I am trying to be ok with that. I am trying to be ok with putting it off for a little while.

This month has been organizing the project that hits here next month. It’s been a while in the writing of it. But the last bits of tidying up a loose end or two have been done. Very curious about what happens next in the story. Very interesting.

I seem to have stumbled onto more bits and bobs. Had a few unexpected turns. An olive branch.

A wonderful late night chat or two with a friend who always puts a smile on my face.

I love that I know everything is always working out for me, it is so enjoyable. Especially on days where I write over 4000 words then the next day maybe significantly less. I like writing I am sure you have guessed that. Writing is enjoyable. Plus lets face it, it keeps me sane….

I just want to remind you that there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

Overthinking about overthinking

Yeah I know! IT is a vicious cycle. But I got myself into it some how. Well of course I did. I started to question the motivation for me learning guitar. And I discovered a small dark tiny corner of reasoning that blossomed and grew under my observation. By learning guitar I would be keeping busy. Working hard and focusing on something else. Something out side of the stories I write and worlds I create. A way to try to stem the over thinking by changing my focus.

Focus. That is really what it comes down to.

It is easy to focus on something good or bad with enough attention it will gain momentum. That is something I want to prevent. Negative momentum. I am certain I am not the only one. But I am certain that it is pretty hard to be positive all of the damn time. We all get into our own vicious cycles. Dreams, day dreams, thoughts and words.

I remember seeing something a while ago. Be careful about what you think about, your thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become character.

Well that can either teach you kindness or cautiousness.

I keep telling myself that if I want to be happy then I should focus on what makes me happy. But I am sure I am not the only one out there that thinks that, that can sometimes be the hardest thing to achieve.

I didn’t expect positive thinking to feel so overwhelming and hard at first. I can’t be the only one. So I thought about what if I try to break it down into more manageable chunks like I do when I am story writing.

What is the major problem I face when I over think? 

Well, it’s not very nice. It makes me feel quite insecure because the spiral is not always one that feels great. It can drain energy from me like a dementor drains happiness.

Over thinking, well, it happens to the best of us, often late at night. So can I train these misguided thoughts?

I want to say yes, because I want to believe that I can. It shouldn’t be too hard to be able to train my thoughts, if I can train a dog I can train my thoughts. If I can train a dragon… Well obviously I am a fantasy writer.

And that is step one for me, no not being a fantasy writer, but believing that I can do it. Each little step at a time.

What happens next?

Now that it is over. Counting Corvids has met its end!

Honestly as I am writing this, I AM EXCITED.

But that is not all this is always a scary process for me. Not knowing and not being prepared for this moment: when the story is over.

Just like when I write the first draft of something or when I read something. That gut sinking “oh” moment when you read those last words and I sit there and think “oh, ok, so erm, what do I do now?”

A fantasy when it is over, a story, a book, a page, it leaves you looking at the reality around you and it all looks a little duller. The world inside your head had changed and imagined all these words as things and people and now? Now it is over and how dare the fantasy be over. And you can imagine further on but you know its fruitless because this part of the world, of the day dream, the story it is not one you were invited to. That is how it feels to write.

Writing and reading, they are hand in hand.

Perhaps that is the best way I can describe reading a story for me. I am invited by a character (thanks to the author) to go and explore their world and their emotions and see the world through their eyes. It is an invitation into imagination.

I love it. I love reading a good book and escaping. I love writing something and escaping. I love the worlds that create and grow around you as the words blossom and the world (the reality) fades away.

I am honestly, so very grateful and so very happy to be able to live in these other worlds. To have that chance, the loves, the passions and the ferocity and strength. Nothing compares.

I get so excited by these things that I would gush for hours about the passion that comes from this imagination and writing. If I accidentally go on an excited rant about writing believe me I do stop when I catch myself. I know not everyone wants to know how passion can flow from writing, not everyone is comfortable around unbridled excitement and passion and that is ok.

Everyone is different. Everyone interprets anything how they want to see it. That is fine. I write with a kind heart and no ill intentions, just like how I speak. I try to at least.

So from here and my little rant about writing? What happens now that the final chapters of Counting Corvids have been posted? We will have to wait and see 😉

Oh and just to be cheeky here is the link for Counting Corvids…

Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Seven Cheeky Extras

The magpie and the crow.

Well the magpie and the crow are significant of course as you will by now know. Crows are Hunter’s spirit bird and minions in a way of the bird world. Here representing the darkness. Personally I quite like crows… But I love magpies more.

One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

Four for a boy

Five for silver

Six for gold

Seven for a secret

Never to be told

Eight for a wish

Nine for a kiss

Ten for a bird

You must not miss.


That is why my love of magpies crept in to become Willows spirit bird.

The link to purchase the full story on amazon… OUT NOW!

Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Seven “Back Where It All Began”


Willow sat cradling her baby in the middle of the circle resting in Oliver’s arm, watching the magpies flying around the circle tightly, dancing through the air. For a few minutes they were sat blissfully happy, exhausted but happy.

Beyond the magpies the all too familiar figure of Hunter arrived, struggling to get through the magpies. In a surge of power he had summoned his friends, his own birds, crows started attacking the magpies, disrupting their formation and flight.

Scattered just enough Hunter forced his way into the circle. Hunter summoned the little baby wrapped in its blanket asleep. Screaming at his touch Willow pulled herself from the ground and took the crying baby from him, instantly quietening the crying. Willow handed the baby to Oliver and made him promise to keep the baby safe no matter what. Willow strained and exhausted summoned a cloud of magpies that sheltered and protected Oliver and her baby before facing Hunter. “You can’t take that baby away from me forever, or are you forgetting something?”
“She’s not yours”

“What?” Truly volatile he struggled to comprehend her words.

“She’s not yours, she never was” Hunter made to go for her but found himself under attack of Willows potions exploding against him. In plumes of black and violet fire he fizzled into nothingness. The crows disappeared.

Willow relaxed the enchanted magpies and touched Oliver’s shoulder, he stood and kissed her holding their daughter between them. Willow Caroline Weyward-James, Oliver James and their little girl, Halina Gabriel James shimmered away against the setting sun as the moon shone a little blue against the stone circle while the final streaks of ruby red sunset disappeared.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Six Cheeky Extras



Full Name: Willow Caroline Weyward.

Mother: Adelaide

Father: Eric

Bird: Magpie.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Lucky number: 3

Has all three Elemental powers, plus a bit of Fury demon fire. Has unusual powers for her kind, the violet Fury fire could be easily explained away, can heal which is hard to explain away. Oh and she is the “Chosen One” goody!

Because she has quarter Fury blood she can’t touch the grounds of a church due to the whole you know “no blood of a living Fury can touch the consecrated grounds”.

The link to purchase the full story on amazon… OUT NOW!

Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Thirty-Six “Testing the waters”

Willow had been fidgety all morning she had packed and unpacked her handbag adding and swapping potions, her baby bag had potions in every spare crevice. The garden and house had potions hidden everywhere. The shelves in the kitchen had become overrun.

Oliver found Willow practicing the control of her powers in the garden, “Willow can you stop that?”
“No, I have to be ready”
“You are, please, let me talk to you then you can carry on I promise.” Willow stopped.  “When you found me, I never got the chance to ask or find out what you thought of the house?”
“It was exactly as I had told you, exactly how I imagined it, better then I imagined it, your house is amazing.” Oliver smiled, “you mean our house, that is of course if you want it to be? You know, the three of us?” Willow beamed throwing her arms around him. “Erm Willow?”
“Did your water just break?” Willows eyes bulged with fear. They turned to go back into the house seeing a shadow of a sweeping arm coming towards them they ducked and fired at the Quake standing over them. Vanquishing him and his friend they ran into the house, they didn’t notice that odd shadow disappear.

Willow in panic told Oliver to get the bag. Eldridge came home to find her preparing to shimmer out to the circle.

Quickly wishing her luck and warning “you will be too far away from the protection of the house he will sense you and be able to reach you. Be careful and good luck” Willow nodded taking Oliver’s arm and the bag, shimmering out of the safe house and over to the stone circle on the Scottish islands where she herself had been born. It was time to continue on with traditions as they had always been.

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Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Five Cheeky Extras


Low level demons.

They hide and travel through shadows they produce a dark energy and aura. But sadly they can be commonly called mischief makers. They kill for kicks.

When they aren’t killing they are hiding your wallets, keys or even your favourite lipsticks.

Generally not much to worry about unless they have a mission in mind, they can slip through the net like air and escape plenty of attacks.


The link to purchase the full story on amazon… OUT NOW!