What happens next?

Now that it is over. Counting Corvids has met its end!

Honestly as I am writing this, I AM EXCITED.

But that is not all this is always a scary process for me. Not knowing and not being prepared for this moment: when the story is over.

Just like when I write the first draft of something or when I read something. That gut sinking “oh” moment when you read those last words and I sit there and think “oh, ok, so erm, what do I do now?”

A fantasy when it is over, a story, a book, a page, it leaves you looking at the reality around you and it all looks a little duller. The world inside your head had changed and imagined all these words as things and people and now? Now it is over and how dare the fantasy be over. And you can imagine further on but you know its fruitless because this part of the world, of the day dream, the story it is not one you were invited to. That is how it feels to write.

Writing and reading, they are hand in hand.

Perhaps that is the best way I can describe reading a story for me. I am invited by a character (thanks to the author) to go and explore their world and their emotions and see the world through their eyes. It is an invitation into imagination.

I love it. I love reading a good book and escaping. I love writing something and escaping. I love the worlds that create and grow around you as the words blossom and the world (the reality) fades away.

I am honestly, so very grateful and so very happy to be able to live in these other worlds. To have that chance, the loves, the passions and the ferocity and strength. Nothing compares.

I get so excited by these things that I would gush for hours about the passion that comes from this imagination and writing. If I accidentally go on an excited rant about writing believe me I do stop when I catch myself. I know not everyone wants to know how passion can flow from writing, not everyone is comfortable around unbridled excitement and passion and that is ok.

Everyone is different. Everyone interprets anything how they want to see it. That is fine. I write with a kind heart and no ill intentions, just like how I speak. I try to at least.

So from here and my little rant about writing? What happens now that the final chapters of Counting Corvids have been posted? We will have to wait and see 😉

Oh and just to be cheeky here is the link for Counting Corvids…



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