Author Update (September 16)


Well… Whats been happening this month?

Well… COUNTING CORVIDS is on Amazon… Click here for the link … Please get yourself a copy!! This is the complete collection of Counting Corvids; the chapters and the cheeky extras all in one place… Yay!

I am still learning guitar, its three and a half months in and I bet you are rolling your eyes right now. So I will tell you what I have learned this month!

I’ve been learning “Love yourself” and I am still struggling with “World of Chances”. But I am determined to get better. It’s a divide between finger plucking vs strumming between the two songs. Oh and I am learning “Cake By the Ocean” too! So this month has been an attempt at three songs and little progress but getting there. Slowly.

So next month begins something special… Something I have been working on and boy have I been excited. There are a few extracts of truth here and there in the new project. But it is a project that I have found myself falling in love with. It really is quite fun to write so I hope it is as much fun to read. I have surprisingly found this project quite cathartic and invigorating. So I hope that translates to you all. So the very first chance to see the story emerge is in October. I am still writing it and working on it, its always ever evolving so I cant wait to see what happens and how it ends.

I am so excited. I feel like I am finally getting more productive. The frequent days of unproductive feel like they are shrinking. The urge to write more is underway. So who knows what I might get done by the end of the year. I have hopes and plans, but who knows.

Being mad isn’t a bad thing as long as you want to find that better feeling thought. I’m ready to forgive and move on. The past wont change. The past can’t change. It is what happens next that matters. That new project I wrote as I felt it, as it felt appropriate in that moment to write so I did. It made me feel better. I feel better for having written the next story for here that comes out next month. I feel better for knowing what I want. What I want is to keep feeling better and happier. Regardless. That is my personal internal project and oh boy is it hard.

Another writing thing that I know I haven’t sorted that out, I haven’t done the big edit project this month, at all. I am trying to be ok with that. I am trying to be ok with putting it off for a little while.

This month has been organizing the project that hits here next month. It’s been a while in the writing of it. But the last bits of tidying up a loose end or two have been done. Very curious about what happens next in the story. Very interesting.

I seem to have stumbled onto more bits and bobs. Had a few unexpected turns. An olive branch.

A wonderful late night chat or two with a friend who always puts a smile on my face.

I love that I know everything is always working out for me, it is so enjoyable. Especially on days where I write over 4000 words then the next day maybe significantly less. I like writing I am sure you have guessed that. Writing is enjoyable. Plus lets face it, it keeps me sane….

I just want to remind you that there are books that are open, and available to you. So here is the link to my amazon author page, why not see if something takes your fancy.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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