Author Updates (May 16)


Hope all of you are doing well.

Well… this month… PLOTTING IS DRIVING ME MAD!!!

No that is not an understatement.

I have had many sleepless nights plotting and planning and coming up with ideas for projects that I hope you will all see soon.

I hope that you are all enjoying Counting Corvids.

The next project ideas are starting to take shape although I have been a bit lax this month. Been a little distracted. the good news is though I am finally cleared with the rib issues..,.

I am hoping that the next story you see you get to see the fun I have had working on the concept, even if it is slowly driving me mad, or quickly driving me mad.

Quite a few projects on the burners. Edit, plot, write… Edit, plot, write…

In other news, there are a few situations going on to do with friends. I have come to a few conclusions. NEVER wrong a writer, we get our revenge in print. Oh and if people want to be written warmly about they should behave accordingly. We own what happens in our lives right? Well the new project will be inspired by all sorts of things, even real life. Can’t always rely on the crazy imagination and sleepless nights.

Not too much to say this month considering the insanity of writing.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx


Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-One Cheeky Extras


Not a common trait of an Elemental. In fact it is one that has never been heard of before amoung Elementals.

Healing has a warm fuzzy glow feeling to it. It’s got a euphoric high to the healing process, being able to self- heal however is extremely dangerous and can lead to destructive tendencies in which the bearer of this power may abuse the body to total destruction just to rebuild it again for that intense healing high.

It is suspected that a blood oath may trigger the onset of such extraordinary abilities.


Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One “Control”


Willow finally left the house to get some air, Hunter had gone to work and she just wanted a little space. Willow found herself back in the park just like she had done so many times before. She watched children and their parents having fun playing around. On the approach to the bridge Willow started to feel dizzy, the ground beneath her seemed to spin and the voices behind her dimmed before the world seemed to switch off.

When Willows eyes opened she had a paramedic firing questions at her. Barely able to focus she passed out again.


Willow woke in a hospital bed wires attached to her. A doctor sat beside her “Well Willow it looks like we found out why you fainted, it seems your in the early stages of pregnancy.” Willows head spun, “no I can’t be?”
“Well you are, here are a few leaflets while you wait is there anyone we can call to let them know where you are?”
“No there’s no one, I want to go home now”
“No I want to leave, please, I have to be somewhere, anywhere but here. Please.”


“Do you swear you are the only one who knows?”

“Yes my lord, no one else knows you hired my best hunter then vanquished him.” He snarled.
“You owe me another my lord”
“I owe you nothing”

“My lord”
“You however owe me greatly, you need to find my payment, the bounty hunter took it, and it must never fall into the wrong hands”

“My lord”

“Now go find it, tell anyone and you will pray that I had just vanquished you this second.”
Willow sat alone in the darkness. Hunter wasn’t back yet. She had read through the leaflets over and over, but that hadn’t stopped her tearing them up and throwing them out. She had spent the past few hours jumping between sobbing hysterically to smiling quietly to herself. Willow was lost in thought when Hunter returned. Startled she accidently clipped his shoulder with a small fireball. She apologized repeatedly. Finally gaining some control she mastered herself healing Hunter’s fresh wound before her eyes.


Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty Cheeky Extras


Eric and Adelaide.

Well, they produced Willow. Eric is part fire elemental part Fury and Adelaide has Mist and earth healing powers.

They didn’t intend to have the “Chosen One” it all kind of worked out that way.

They tried to protect Willow growing up as she came into her powers early, hence their eventual decision that they must move to Texas in order to remain able to live a normal life without being discovered for their magic.

Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty “Hunting the Hunter”

“I’ve already traded your only clue”
“Not at all, but it did look similar to the talisman you’re wearing”
“I can say no more” with that the bounty hunter was pulled through the floor, disappearing before she could vanquish him. Willow skulked off back to her parent’s room and curled up on the bed. She had been there for days summoning the bounty hunter was her only idea other then destroying him.


In the depths of the underworld the bounty hunter screamed in agony at the hands of Hunter, moments later he erupted in black flames in front of a sneering Hunter.


Willow kept trying to summon the bounty hunter but got nothing. Eventually she gave up and sat back onto her parent’s bed. Curling up into a ball and fell asleep for the first time since their death. She just slept quietly too exhausted to dream.

Hunter watched quietly from the armchair in the corner of the room, unable to reach her, she was isolating herself from everything and everyone.



Counting Corvids Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen “Don’t Go”


“Eric is Willow home?”
“No, Hunter, who are you?”
“That’s a bit of an odd question?”
“No its not, your a demon and a powerful one at that”
“I don’t know what you mean”
“Don’t lie to me. I assume Willow doesn’t know”
“Of course not. You can sense me?”
“Off the scale”
“Do you think she can?”
“I don’t know, what were you using to hide yourself”
“A Fury talisman” Eric stared angrily at Hunter. “Please Eric you can’t tell Willow”
“Why not? She deserves to know”
“Because I love her Eric, I want to be with her”
“You need to tell her what you really are”
“I will, just let me do it, please” Eric nodded. “So you wouldn’t happen to know where my daughter is?”
“I thought she was here?”
“She hasn’t been here in days” Hunter bolted out the door and begun his own hunt, Eric however turned to his wife and told her exactly what was going on. Everything about Hunter and everything about himself and the power that Willow had. They knew they had to get to Willow first.

Being dragged in a chain; Eric, Adelaide, Willow and Oliver raced for the cave exit, blowing fireballs over their shoulders and down the surrounding chambers as demon after demon chased them out into the open. In the open air fewer of them were willing to risk the fight, not from the watchful presence of a livid Hunter hiding just out of sight.

Panting heavily in the middle of a clearing the four counted their blessings, they finally carried on to an open field near a long stretch of road.

Oliver threw his arms around Willow and kissed her before saying goodbye and starting to run, seconds later he shimmered out. Willow stood in shock a few tears fell, wiping them away she turned to her parents and hugged them.

They made their way slowly heading in the vague direction of home. Caught off guard an unmistakable demon appeared behind them. His arms heavily tattooed, the words “bounty hunter” etched across his chest. Willow struggled to breathe as she saw her parents fall to the ground. The demon with blood soaked knives in each hand sneered and in the blink of an eye was gone. Willow fell to her knees cradling her parents, crying, screaming out in wrenching anguish unable to heal them. Hunter himself despite his depths of anger shed a tear at the sounds of Willows pain echoing around them. Even as the sun set she couldn’t be pried away, she couldn’t save them no matter what she tried.

Counting Corvids Chapter Eighteen Cheeky Extras

All about JB

JB what a cunning little sod!

Came into Willow and Madi’s life as a matter of opportunity only to betray them… Well… What do you expect? Magic can’t be all fun and easy for the girls, they have to meet a devilishly handsome man who saves them. Causes a little bit of tension from being the most charismatically charming creature that knows so much about them that he can convince them to join the dark side with him…

Counting Corvids Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen “Tactical Errors”


“Hey, I believe we met once, you were nice, I’m Oliver” Willow stared in disbelief, “you’re Madi’s Ollie?”

“Not quite, I used to be, but we broke up, a long, long time ago”
“Come in”
“Thank you, well like I was saying, we broke up, a long time ago, and well I’ve come to ask some questions, you see I remember being kidnapped by these things?”
“Demons” Willow interjected, “yes well these things kidnapped me then this thing took over me,”
“Another demon”
“Well ok, then I wake up here, after having a massive argument with Madi I stormed off and I never got to thank you for saving me and your kindness?” Willow denied that he had anything to thank. She explained what happened that night and what happened since.

“I’m sorry that’s awful to hear, but you do try your best, you can’t ask more from yourself but that.”
“I suppose, so is that all that brought you here?”
“Not quite you see, well when I left I started to be able to do things, I think I kind of have it under control but-”
“It scared you?” He nodded. “I can only assume its my fault, I am so sorry, I think that might be the small bit of information Madi left out when we were getting rid of Gray. I’m sorry.”

“No, no don’t be, I just wanted to talk to you about it, I hoped you might understand” Willow smiled, “well I had been thinking about going on a demon hunt today, would you like to come with me, you don’t have to, I just thought-”
“Yeah sure, you can teach me some control perhaps?” Willow smiled, Oliver leaned a little closer, interrupted by Willows phone ringing. “Oh, hi… don’t worry… I was… yeah, sure… maybe we can talk later… yes I am fine… I promise talk soon… yep bye” Willow hung up apologizing to Oliver.


Willow lead the way to some new caves that she had been watching for a while. “I think there is a nest in there, but I can’t be sure what we will find. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes” Oliver took her hand and she led the way inside. Half an hour later they heard voices from a nearby chamber. They slowed down and crept along quietly only turning to look behind them after hearing sets of foot prints stop, unfortunately they were quickly surrounded, knocked out and hands tied, they were thrown into an open chamber they led them on with one word “leverage” and threw them into a dark alcove in the adjoining chamber, locking them in behind the bars. Willow managed to untie the bindings but couldn’t get the door open or shimmer. The pair slunk further into the dark depths of the cell curling into each others arms unable to break free of their captivity, empty of ideas.