Author Updates (May 16)


Hope all of you are doing well.

Well… this month… PLOTTING IS DRIVING ME MAD!!!

No that is not an understatement.

I have had many sleepless nights plotting and planning and coming up with ideas for projects that I hope you will all see soon.

I hope that you are all enjoying Counting Corvids.

The next project ideas are starting to take shape although I have been a bit lax this month. Been a little distracted. the good news is though I am finally cleared with the rib issues..,.

I am hoping that the next story you see you get to see the fun I have had working on the concept, even if it is slowly driving me mad, or quickly driving me mad.

Quite a few projects on the burners. Edit, plot, write… Edit, plot, write…

In other news, there are a few situations going on to do with friends. I have come to a few conclusions. NEVER wrong a writer, we get our revenge in print. Oh and if people want to be written warmly about they should behave accordingly. We own what happens in our lives right? Well the new project will be inspired by all sorts of things, even real life. Can’t always rely on the crazy imagination and sleepless nights.

Not too much to say this month considering the insanity of writing.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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