Coryburn girls Secrets (7)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


What was the worst thing about Coryburn Girls?


Feeling guilty because the characters didn’t. They do some pretty selfish things, and I would think to myself as I wrote “my gosh she’s such a cow” or “man you are a complete douche get some morals”. But even though they don’t see it they take control over their life, their actions and their world and they just escalate it cruely.


Some exciting news though…

Coryburn Girls Skimming the Surface is now available for pre-order!

Coryburn Girls Secrets (6)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


Whats the best thing about Coryburn Girls Skimming the surface?


It isn’t necessarily  good versus evil. Or from the good guys perspective. The good tend to die young especially when their lives are always at the mercy of dark egos. Not having to fight the evil, it was instead more the bad trying to survive, trying to feel more alive, like they never belonged to this world. The more extremes that you experience the less of a rush, the less adrenalin kicks that make you achieve the rush of feeling alive. For example, go bungee jumping every week for a year. At first it’s “yeah this is great I feel so alive” but it will turn over time, it will become more “oh this again”. It is good to change things up once and a while so you don’t feel stagnant in even the most exhilarating circumstances.

Coryburn Girls Secrets (5)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


Why choose the bad side?


Well that is simple. Because it was fun. Yep you read that right because it was fun.

Choosing the bad side perspective for once gave me a chance to try something new and different. To write with an almost predatory perspective instead of the prey.

With it I could explore the world in a different manner completely. I could walk as a character that doesn’t carry guilt and remorse or even conscience as  a burden. It was strange at first, but it seemed to become easier to write but harder to want to see more into the darkness of their world, the cause and effect of their actions and motivations and therefore their emotional responses were very different from my own.

As a whole the journey became harder, it was certainly exhilarating but I would happily look at the less then average world about me now with a sense, of “thank God I don’t allow myself to be that person”. I think that the darkness of the alter ego came as a hugely personal challenge that has enabled me to question my own choices that much harder.

Coryburn Girls Secrets (4)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


Who did I most enjoy writing character wise?

Although I would love to say my alter ego Annabella, who I had originally intended to name Annabellarose, but found the name incredibly frustrating to write every single time, I have to say, it’s Kayetelynn even if the spelling induces that red squiggly line from hell that brands you an idiot for not being able to spell.

Kayetelynn was a reflective alter ego of a very cherished friends, their own dark side alter ego. Kayetelynn pronounced like the average Caitlynn has her own brand of questionable morals. She had the happy go lucky cushion of innocence  tainted with that dark fog of being obviously pretty. I found it fun interacting with the character, testing her because I couldn’t always tell what was the truth or the lie with her. Kayetelynn is the fun flip side of a coin that is along for the ride. She is absolutely brilliant.

Coryburn Girls Secrets (3)

All girls have their secrets, here’s some just for you.


What about the best friend?


Ah! Tarron! He is so sweet and nice. I feel so bad for him having friends like them. But he is such a good guy its unfortunate he has fallen in with a bad crowd. But it happens to the best and the worst.

Tarron is actually based on a few of my friends, they seemed to all get combined in a giant mixer with their goodness and it came out as it is one guy. It is such a huge shame. Tarron has been friends with the girls for years he has watched them grow up into beautifully unique women. He has seen the glimpses of goodness in them, and as it can be easy to do when you are lonely, he has ignored the bad in them.

Tarron is such a darling, he is plain, not in a bad way. But if he was a candy he would be a marshmallow; ok on his own but better served with naughty extras. That’s fine by him, because all he wants is a very normal, very ordinary life, it suits him because it’s what he has always known growing up.