Not Long to Christmas


Yup it is a month away. How many people are out there panicking, panic buying?

This year it won’t be me. That’s not me making a promise to myself that I won’t be running around like a headless turkey this Christmas. Oh no. I did 90% of my Christmas shopping in August. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, AUGUST!

Love me or loathe me. I was 90% wrapped up by September. I knew that this year, I wouldn’t have time to sit and handcraft special gifts, or put that amazing level of fear-panic buying into practice. Instead I sucked up the pain, checked out the discounts online, checked out ideas and brought the gifts. And you know what, I STILL OVER SPENT. So while my gifts are normally generous of time, this year they are also of wallet.

I love putting time into something special. But that is totally ok. Because, this year while it may be all ready to go for Christmas, I am also ready to actually enjoy Christmas. I was singing Christmas songs in September so hopefully this year, I will be really excited by Christmas and ready to really enjoy it.

Whats on your mind?

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