The Confidence of ink

Ok. It is no secret, I have tattoos, and piercings. To look at me day to day in the office, the only clue is the tattoo on my wrist. Small and delicate, it’s a memorial to my grandad and to myself in some ways. It’s a promise to myself.

As soon as this contract ends, well that might all change, I might be happy and lucky enough to be able to be myself even more, I would love to have more ink, and not be made to be ashamed to hide it because it is classed as unprofessional. It doesn’t change how I do my job.

Well actually yes it does. Since I have had my ink collection grow, a lot, I have felt in myself more confident, coinciding with a lot of change in my life, but still, the process of the change, the physical change of the tattoo is amazing. I have brought out what was on the inside I used to protect and hide, had it turned into art and had that art etched into my skin. It makes me feel proud, yes this is me… The ink has made me feel more body confident too.

You don’t believe? Ok, but before I used to dream about the body confidence to go and get my ribs done. It was always “when my stomach is flatter” or “when I am more toned” as my excuse. In the end I just said “Fuck it” and I got that tattoo, and my god I love it. Sure I do have those fat days and I think “woah, how did you ever get those ribs done looking like that”. But those thoughts, they don’t last long, because it changes to “my gosh, it is a beautiful tattoo though.” And it grows and snowballs. Because I find more things I like. The tattoos make me feel like, “hey there’s something else that you do actually really love and like about yourself.” All you have to do is focus on that feeling.

I’m inked and proud. But I will not go around flaunting them every single day. I don’t want to make everyone jealous 😉

Whats on your mind?

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