Author Updates (June 16)


Hope all of you are doing well. I know, I know I am naughty this should have gone out yesterday… But I went out :O I know!


Well… Whats been happening this month?

I’ve been procrastinating even more. I have a lot to do, the worst part is I don’t know how or when I will get it done.

I have managed to start doing some degree of editing/writing this month, not as much as I would like but it is all slow progress. A change in postcode has meant settling in has been the main priority.

I’ve almost learned my first song on guitar, I chose to learn “Nightingale” by Demi Lovato. I thought it would be nice and easy… Turns out my fingers don’t agree… I am learning though.

I have to say, the highlight of this month? No it wasn’t the food festival, it was seeing my bestie Harry and his mum. It was great to hang out with fellow writers and bounce ideas about improving the work and the ideas around writing. It created a good degree of momentum for knowing what I want to do.

We went to this place called Dotty’s Tearoom. MY gosh it was cute! And I felt like a lady, which for me, we all know isn’t the traditional association for me.

I am still developing a massive idea that has plagued me the last 6 years. I thought I had reached the point where I felt ready to write the first segment of the story… oh boy was I wrong. The overall arch has grown, I feel like I have plotted a drop in the ocean. Yup, that is exactly how it feels.

Oh I’ve also been working on some lyrics.

Been chatting to a few awesome people, having a little social life as I adjust.

Sadly not finished any knitting projects recently. Maybe in time.

Trying to find a way to be effective and proactive and not at all procrastinate from writing.

Oh I brought two new books I have promised myself I am allowed to read only if I finish editing the current thing on my edit tray. I should really work on splitting that reward into two so that I get even more motivation to pursue the next idea I have for here. I’m getting there though. However slowly.

But it is getting better.

I apologies for the late release of this months author update.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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