Author Updates (Apr 16)


It’s another short update this month, sorry guys. There’s not much to tell.

I am still not very well so I can’t write this indefinitely, or as long as I would like.

Not too much is happening. I’ve not been able to do much, not done any apprenticeship coursework, feeling this rough isn’t great at all.

It was my birthday as you know. I am now another year older, getting a bit wiser.

I have been very lucky to have very awesome family and friends.


I hope you are all enjoying Counting Corvids so far. It wasn’t always the most comfortable fun thing for me to write, re-write and edit.

I am starting to think a little bit about what happens when Counting Corvids is all done and finished. But, there are a few more chapters to go yet… so lets have some fun with it now.

Sorry this update is shorter than the last, there is not much going on that I can write about on here. Not yet anyway.

May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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