The Darker Path

Well, it was fun, but a challenge to remain honest without chastising, I know people like the characters and they are to some degree based on them, and although it could be the harshest light shining at the most negative, and the most positive trait of someone, it lacks a degree of tactful flattery.

The Darker Path has also got a clear progressive possibility, but the task was to create the opening, not the beginning middle and end, although I can see how, where, and whys to the characters futures, the plot line if it were to continue is already clear in my mind. Perhaps progressing this story wouldn’t be the best of ideas. It is simple and it is hard all at the same time to navigate a degree of control. To control the urge to continue on a story, that perhaps would distract from the time that you allocate or are willing to give. when there is a story out of the corner of your eye that deserves undivided attention. Something that has bubbled under the surface growing slowly into the perfect and completely horribly complicated incredibly imperfect story that has been gnawing at the back of your thoughts every day, just waiting to be ready.

The Darker Path was fun, it reminded me of the sassy things I wish I had said a long time ago, the sassy things I would have said if I had the balls. Its the teenage angst bottled up, that time just before your in your twenties and expected to really be a grown up now. That time, that horrid horrid time.

Whats on your mind?

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