A little more about me

A little more about me.

I am shy. In person, unless I really have to be otherwise, in my natural state, I am shy. I like to be polite.

To those who haven’t guessed yet, I am female.

I love to write, especially “strong” female characters because hey why not?

I have a dog, I would love another dog, but all in good time. I absolutely love dogs, in general, staffies freak me out though, there is something about the jaw that unnerves me. I had my dog at 8 weeks old potty trained within two days, with only eight accidents over his first week to two weeks.

I love my best friends, they are the family I have chosen. I have a “brother” and three “sisters” that are actually friends that are that close. I don’t generally consider myself extremely social with many out of my circle but that suits me fine.

I am in my early twenties, but I feel much older, possibly because I have always been wiser then my years. I don’t drive but I want to, I honestly can’t afford to learn let alone drive a car of my own, the same goes for motor bikes, I wish I could learn to drive one of them, when I was little my uncle let me ride on his bike with him, it was fun but my nana and mother forbid me to ever learn or get one of my own. I am starting to ignore their rules slowly more and more so who knows maybe one day I will be riding a motorbike.

I honestly stumbled on my love of writing as a way to deal with traumas in my personal life and so I turned to writing to both confront and escape from the things that were destroying me from within. Writing has become a powerful tool but it is also now a passion and something that I am a slave of.


I also have an amazon  author page for those interest the link is here.

My twitter page.

My  Facebook page.


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