Its my Birthday


And its my doggies too. We have the same day, he will be three, bless his little cotton socks.

Well, this year has been a struggle, the past year I have lost a relationship, but began to find a real relationship with myself. To start to recover in the healthy way, I sought help for some of my problems and my emotional response has been increasingly healthy. That is great for me. Less great for the people who use me and expect me to remain a doormat to their abusive behaviours. But that is fine, I am now surprising myself a lot more.

My choices are now designed with me in mind, aiming to be happy and to move in the direction I want, forward.

My hopes for this coming year of being 24?

Well, dreams and wishes come true would be nice, because dreams wishes and prayers are the energy I have been putting into the world. I have faith that things will eventually work out.

While I didn’t quite get what I want recently, I am hoping that I really will get what I need and want, a mix of both would be nice. Its been a long hard journey, so I hope that there is a chance that there may be a reprieve and some sunshine in my life, its sure been raining and worse so it would be good?

My hope is that, things will in time work out and be fixed, repaired and improved.

But who knows.


Whats on your mind?

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