Another Birthday this week

This time its my nan’s birthday.

Well, there’s a whole bunch of crazy to celebrate. I still can’t believe my nan is as old as she is!

But hey ho, at least she passed the genetics of looking younger than her age down to me! Thanks to you I still don’t use wrinkle creams, actually, I barely do much at all for my appearance oops. A plain one, I am afraid, no make up, just wash my face wack on some coconut oil and off I go. Keep it simple right?

I probably should be honest and warn ya’ll that I have been a bit lazy with my work, not been very productive writing, ooops again.

Not got much to write at the moment, I am on the clock today, rushing around to get things done, but I am aiming to write more and do much more editing, June should hopefully be the next release date for something on amazon so watch this space, hopefully the Coryburn Girls sequel will be ready, edited and out early June, so keep an eye out, I might be releasing some bonus news to the next dose in the series.

Whats on your mind?

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