Its here!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!


The final instalment of the Coryburn Girls is here! I am so excited and sad all at the same time, it’s the final time I will be announcing with excitement the release of another Coryburn book! But that is ok, because there will be more to come. More blogs, more stories more whinging about having to edit because I am planning a release of something totally different to what I have done before. Something that took me right out of my comfort zone and made me really embarrass myself; blush at the totally different side to writing that I hadn’t experienced before.

But I shouldn’t be talking about that, no I am talking about the Coryburn Girls… well they really got themselves in a jam in this one, and even I don’t know what happens once we turn the last page, its totally for you to decide what is going to happen next what happens afterwards? I want you to dream it and imagine it; I want you to see a world beyond the stories, where does everyone go? What does everyone do?

Whats on your mind?

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