The Road of Agent Hunting

Well, I figure I might as well continue this agent hunting talk.

So, I might as well confess; it has taken me a long time to have enough confidence to approach agents. On a personal level, well, I wasn’t the most confident of people, often described as shy or timid, it seemed like getting the confidence to approach an agent was something that might never happen.

Well, then something changed you say, yes it did, or to be specific, I did. I slowly have grown in confidence, enough at least to start agent hunting. Yes that valiant quest that occupies my mind.

It took a lot of time, and patience with myself to grow and nurture my writing and myself. The thing is, I have never ever doubted my stories. The doubt has never been placed in the stories. When I speak shyly about them, my doubt is placed in myself.

There is less doubt now, because well, if I can love these stories, and these stories came from me, they are worthy, and by extension I am worthy enough to present them and share them and expose them to the world enough. So now I am trying to do my best, for them, for the every secret and their every passion that ignited my own.

Whats on your mind?

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