Novembers Author Update… OOPS!

An Author Update… Again


I know, I know. I am sorry I am late posting this. November has been a bit manic. I have no idea what I have been doing either. I’ve done a little writing. A lot of working.

I passed another couple of assessments on my apprenticeship, which is both good and bad. Good because yay I passed. But bad because I have studied and prepared most of this month for the tests which has meant less time writing.

But all is well that ends well or so we are told.

I watched a movie the other day “Not Another Happy Ending” I love the Scottishness and the accents throughout. Was a funny romanticised idea of what writing is like. I have never looked that good when writing, trust me. My fave writing clothes are comfortable Harry Potter jogging set (that I have never exercised in- and probably never will). I tie my hair in a loose ponytail (and now I make sure my glasses are clean), I settle down with my cup of tea, my notebooks… take a deep breath and hope something good comes out.

It makes me wonder about anyone else out there, how their writing ritual looks, what they get up to, their run up to work.

I feel much more at home, at home writing and working hard on something I am so passionate about in comparison to well… absolutely anything else!

So other than the excitement of doing nothing, which I would quite happily sport for a few hours if I had the chance, life has been a bit chaotic with no real milestones.

Oh wait! There is something, I saw Mockingjay Part 2! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! Just incase you were wondering. I saw it with my bestie, we had a whale of a time, even go the ridiculously giant cups with the little toy Katniss on… because sometimes it’s nice to act like you are care free for a short time. The movie was great, my fave part was the arrow hitting the Madam President in the ticker! Something quite satisfying about that movement if you are one of those many that have read the books. My friend who has never read the books that came with me, was totally surprised, I was sat smug smiling. So you know, I had more fun!

I might just have to see the movie again… and again… and again!

But, we are less than a month away from Christmas so I am getting a bit festive this year and now own a Christmas jumper… so lets “sparkle all the way”!



ARA xx

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