The New Year is here…

… and now to reveal my genius plan…


Ok so it’s not exactly genius. But I thought that this year I would do things a little differently, start the year very differently.

Before, I have given you excerpts of some of my writing like The Darker Paths only chapters. I have given previews of books available on amazon author page. And now?

Well now, for the first time, direct to … each week I will be uploading a chapter of a story.

But wait that’s not all… As I am sure you have guessed by now the new story is called Counting Corvids. There will be exclusive content added… Yep that’s right, my extra notes from making up the plotbook and my own writing guides will be making their way onto a screen… your screen to be exact!

So tune in each week to see a new chapter unfold and tune in to the cheeky extras to get a glimpse of the little extras and  perks of being a regular reader.

So incase you miss the weekly episodes on the home screen, please find the chapters appearing here

And incase you want to follow along with the weekly extras and you miss them on the home screen, please find the cheeky extras appearing here

Whats on your mind?

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