Counting Corvids Chapter Three

Chapter Three: “A Walk in the Park”


Madi having insisted on giving Willow a tour was dragging a very uninterested Willow through shops, pathways, short cuts and so on, no amount of caffeine would lift her from dragging her heels. No matter how hard Madi had tried she couldn’t find a positive spin to put on the area even as a truck load of guys went past yelling crude suggestions at them in their inebriation.

Willow unable to resist herself shot a small flame at the tire, popping it causing the car to come to a halt. Madi looked thoroughly displeased as she pulled a giggling Willow roughly by the arm towards the park they had met in.

Madi cautioned Willow heavily over her actions and the risk of exposure. Willow was in no mood to listen as she strolled up to the bridge.

Something about using the fire inside her had reared her more impulsive reckless mood.

The girls noticed a shadow approaching behind them hoping it was a rather repulsive looking body builder, but instead they found themselves disappointed by the sight of a Quake demon they turned to cross the bridge just as four more stood in their way as another appeared on the other side, the girls were trapped.

Worse, they were growing into an outnumbered territory that wasn’t just a problem for themselves, many more and who knows what could happen.

The Quake demon standing behind them came closer and focused his attentions on Madi while Willow began bombarding the closest Quake on the bridge pushing them back with the flames, causing a domino effect as they backed into each other as they stumbled over and the closest had fallen over the bridge falling in a fiery blaze.

The three remaining on the bridge struggled to pull themselves up while Willow turned to help Madi vanquish her Quake. The two girls teamed up on the thing blasting at him repeatedly before he exploded in a fireball.

It wasn’t over, not that easily at least. The Quake on the other side of the bridge took his opportunity and threw a boulder towards the girls catching Willow and knocking her out leaving Madi left to do something.

Madi now facing the two quakes attempting to edge closer over the bridge on her own. Their rough, dry skin sounding like the slamming waves of the ocean against a rock as they edged closer and closer.

Willows eyes slowly opened as Madi struggled to fend them off and keep them from crossing the bridge. Without thinking or realising herself, Willow had caught sight of the boulder the demon had hit her with. Without knowing or thinking she felt her arm reach towards it, the boulder rose in the air before her, instinctively she threw her arm towards the Quakes advancing and the boulder followed the path slamming into the Quakes pushing them over the edge and down into the water where they burst into a small puff of orange smoke.

The Quake on the other side of the river stared at the girls before turning to run, the girls followed after him. “I didn’t know you could do that?”

“Neither did I, keep running, we have to get him” the girls emerged on the other side of the gates and the demon was gone. “How can you do that? You’ve only just come into your powers, that’s a high level gift?”

“How am I supposed to know? Shouldn’t we be more concerned that the Quake escaped?”

“Probably, fancy a coffee?”

“What’s wrong with a decent cup of tea?”

“Nothing, if you can find one” Madi said as she directed them towards yet another dingy little diner.

The girls sat down, Madi with her coffee, Willow with her tea that quite frankly tasted like dish water, “this is one really bad cup of tea.”

“What do you expect?”

“Something that doesn’t remind me of stewed socks.”

“That’s ridiculous” Madi took Willows cup and had a taste, “God that’s foul.”

“Told you. Something doesn’t feel right, you know, that thing escaping, somethings got to be going on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well don’t you find it odd? First those two Quakes then today, it doesn’t really seem like a coincidence does it now?”

“Don’t worry about it Willow.”

“Famous last words”


“Nothing, come on lets go.”

Madi taking Willows lead left as she directed them back taking a short cut through an alley. Behind them a Quake appeared in the shadows following behind them. The girls turned to face him just as he went to send them flying he stopped and stared at something down the alley, the girls turned to see the shadow of a figure in the darkness, the quake bowed and disappeared.

The girls curiosity was peaked, they edged towards the shadowy figure which turned away from them and disappeared as he walked, no longer there. Stunned the girls reached the spot where it had stood, but found nothing just a dark patch of broken chippings and gravel.

Something, someone, some demon had stopped their near certain death.



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