Dear Santa

Dear Santa…

Ok so this is a new thing, I am writing my letter to Santa… a bit weird but hey. I thought I would give it a go.

What’s wrong with a twenty something having a letter to Santa? After all, most letters to Santa are a list of desires.

So now I have to work out and decide what it is that I want to list as my wanted desire…

I would like, happiness, joy, anticipation, good feeling thoughts. I would like my wanted desires to come true.

I would like to win the lotto jackpot a few times, just for the fun of it.

I would like to see positivity in the world.

Is this how a letter to Santa is meant to work?

As kids we write physical things like toys. But now that I am older, my desires are more emotional. More irreplaceable, like better quality time with family. Better relationships with family, friends and strangers. More time with those we love that bring out the best in us. More connection to those that we love. More happiness, more sparks of joy that we can fan the flames of to grow into impressive huge distinct patterns of joy and happiness and all that we desire.

I want more positive momentum.

I want to be better aligned with what I am desiring, to be aligned with ease and to walk the path of least resistance.

I want creativity and inspiration to be in abundance.

And yes, I am writing this letter just after having written another entry of The Diary of Elliot Parker, can you tell? Does it matter?

I want to write more, to write passionately. I would love for something that I have written to change a life or a mind for the better, for a positive change. I would love that someone can find some worth in the stories that flow through me and to others. I would love that, to just change something, a small something or a big something.

I want hope for others, for myself, I want a daily dose of hope wherever, whenever it is needed to appear.

I want to read some books that inspire me, I want to read lots of books that inspires me. I want to see great positivity and inspiration over social media whenever I have the odd snoop. I want to have more positive encounters.

I want the wanted desires to be easy to come to alignment to. I want to find alignment easier.

But most importantly, I want those who I love, those who inspire me, those who bring out the best in me, I want them to know their worth, to know how worthy and loved and amazing they are. I want them to know just how much they are appreciated. How much I appreciate them. I want them to know that they are loved. That would be awesome. The deserve good things. I want them to be happy.

I want to spread the abundance of joy and happiness, so any way that can be made easier would be great.

Thank you.

ARA xxx

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