The Diary of Elliot Parker Playlist

I am sure you all know by now I sometimes listen to things when I write, sometimes the rhythm just helps me type. Sometimes, the rhythm has me dancing as I type.

So what was the playlist for The Diary of Elliot Parker Part one???

Well. I interrupted my writing this, so time for me to get back to it now that I have updated my music list, got to make sure I have more Ed Sheeran to play.

So ah yes play list…

Right so a majority of the part one was written using youtube and letting that just dictate what I was listening to. Often it would be the odd Abraham Hicks video, there was also a song, at one point it was a brief addiction to a song called “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld. It was fun, great to write to for a while.

I also listened to a bit of The Hunger Games sound track, whether or not that is a guilty pleasure I will let you all decide.

I listened to a lot of the songs I’ve put on my guitar list to learn. I hate you don’t leave me by Demi Lovato was often on repeat. I also had a few of Ed Sheeran’s songs cycling on repeat. Sometimes it just gets to be that way that certain songs just sustain your inspiration for about three or four hours.

The playlist wasn’t too big, I just wish I could remember all the meditations I listened to as well when I was writing so that I could spread that peace and calm.

I am about to start making sure I keep a list of what songs inspire me as I write. Even if it’s just me who enjoys it.

So if you want to know what all this music on constant repeat inspired The Diary of Elliot Parker is OUT NOW! There is even the bonus of a preview of the next three entries in the series!


May luck and adventure be on your side!

ARA xxx

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