Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

This book took me a little while to read. It has a few authors, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy was a good read, some of it took more time than others to understand. I mean, it was pretty incredible. I liked the continuation and the breathing life into characters and seeing back stories for characters who in the original mortal instruments seemed to have more of a story. One thing I couldn’t shake was the wondering about this book, was it essentially like a fan fiction for some aspects. Like I know it was probably very planned with guidelines for some of it but still I have to wonder if it was a way to push a few storylines forwards.

Don’t get me wrong I loved that Alec and Magnus ending up accidental parents to a little blue warlock. I thought that was great! I love the whole “Malec” ship. But I can’t help but the “Clace” (Clary and Jace) ship was a bit, lacking in how defined it felt. I know the focus was largely on Simon. I like that he grew as a character and that his friendship with Clary was given a new route of life. But I think the friendship that was built and so heavily underlined with George was a heavy handed approach to make the character liked. I’m not above writing like that myself, I know characters have to be given an importance and likeability if they are to take up a significant amount of face time with a main character. But the way that the friendship and kinship resolves with Simon and George, it feels like an underwhelming resolution to a storyline. I know there has to be a significant risk or consequence for characters and to threaten it but not deliver is foolish. But however, I do think delivering the consequence to a character who otherwise could be seen as a side line or after thought to even the main character is a bit ill advised. Making someone significant all of a sudden with the desperate need before any consequence to have provoked an emotional response feels a bit amateur for the story. I think I might have expected a bit more. Maybe the emotional bond could have been highlighted more earlier and given higher stakes.

Yes, Simon and Clary would be obvious parabatai material but to be honest, I wanted it to be George, I think it would have been nicer. I think Clary and Isabelle would have been great to see them find a level of friendship that they could become parabatai. It would be a little less obvious and a bit more controversial although, that said, it would have been obvious too. I suppose I just would have liked Simon to have grown a bit away from Clary even when he gets his memories back. I think putting some distance with Simon and Clary would have been good just to see how Simon grows more with others, I think, George would have challenged him as a parabatai to become who he wanted to be, not to say Clary wouldn’t, but to say, Clary seems to have Simon always at her side as a side kick not so much an equal but the emotional crutch and you don’t often see her return the favour. Her being there for Simon feels under told in this story in some ways, she acts as a mechanism for escape and distraction which we all need but I think Simon needed her a bit more, even though he may not have realised it.

That being said, it’s a good book, I enjoyed reading it, sometimes it was hard to put it down, but I did have two or so weeks between picking it up to read the next part once or twice, hence why I felt it took me longer than usual to read.

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