Wicked was well…


So yes I know, we went on Halloween and it has taken me an awful long time to type anything to be honest. So what can I tell you, Wicked on Halloween was incredible. Haz, Boo and I seemed to have a great evening, albeit chaotic.

As per tradition Haz was a bit late to meet up to travel into London together. So finally getting into the station we went to Frankie and Bennies, which was a great choice. We all had something a little bit different but we enjoyed the food and only had the mains because, lets face it the portions are decent enough to leave you feeling rather full. We decided to go try some mini cupcakes on a side shop after, which were great.

Well when it comes to wicked we had a lot of fun, a big giggle waiting to go in, our seats were half decent for sitting in the nosebleeds. We had a great view. The cast did an incredible job. Truly, it was magnificent. The vibes were incredible, the energy in the room, everything.

I loved it. For once I wasn’t insanely jealous of the cast performing either, I got to enjoy it completely but I think that has more to do with where I am now and what has been happening in life. Then as for the horrendously pricey mini tub of ice cream… that was delicious.

The cast did a great job, their singing was incredible, the techniques and the emotion they had emphasized were completely on point. It was brilliant.

Basically we all loved watching Wicked. A fantastic night out.

Whats on your mind?

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