Author Update (June 2018)

So this month…

My diet is well underway and I have lost a few lbs and at least an inch so for that I am very happy. I feel like I have more energy even if its only a little bit.

This month I have been to see Demi Lovato at the O2 and I was so excited in the lead up to going I barely slept. I had been like a kid at Christmas. So yes, here is our story. Harry and I went for a nice dinner before we made the journey by train to get to the O2 arena, first time for both of us. We get there and we are walking around and there’s just under an hour until doors open and we are there and we can see loads of fans so its nice and we are happily walking along chatting and there is a bing bing on the tannoy. We stopped dead and listened as they announced that the performance was being rescheduled for the 25th. Well, we stood there like, is this a joke? We saw loads of teenagers burst out in tears and we are still stood there like a joke. Like seriously… So anyway we are like “we waited over ten years for this and it gets postponed?”

We go and check with the ticket office about how tickets will work etc, we go to get some kind of merch so the trip isn’t a bust. I ended up getting a t shirt in a size smaller than I would usually go for. And both Harry and I got a wrist band and headed home disappointed, the amount of people we saw that were angry was pretty expected. What I thought was a bit odd, was all the soft teenagers all like “I hope she is ok, I don’t want her upset” Fair enough, whatever, each to their own. But those of us older and a bit wiser were like, she would have known that in the morning and could have let everyone know then, doing it under an hour before doors open was really unprofessional. Which it was. It left little to no time to change plans or travel itineraries for some people.

But we were all very disappointed, and as adults, if we cancel our shift so close to starting (I mean in terms of you know, she had all day to let everyone know, it should have been done sooner, so assuming our shift starts late afternoon early evening and we cancel just before hand with something we know we couldn’t work with) we would have gotten disciplinaries or at least a telling off. That is something that has upset a lot of us. Let alone the disappointment. So hopefully the 25th is better.

Oh and I went to see Game of Thrones Live with the other half. He was excited for the whole month before hand, got to say so was I. So what happened? Well it was kind of our date night/day. We headed into London and had a walk around Covent Garden. Which was lovely, beautifully sunny but the pollen, we were starting to suffer with hayfever really badly so we decided to go and have our lunch dinner. So we went for his first ever trip to Planet Hollywood. It was fun seeing him get all excited about the props and movie things. We were sat in a booth next to some Indiana Jones memorabilia (I must admit I didn’t take photos the whole day… wanted to just enjoy the day). The restaurant was relatively empty. We both found the giant TV screens/projectors constantly showing something on nearly every wall pretty distracting not a great place for any kind of date or meaningful conversations if you happen to have a short attention span like myself. The food eventually arrived, he had a surf and turf burger and I had the ribs figuring you can’t really go wrong with ribs. I was wrong. The BBQ sauce on the ribs was overwhelming in its tangy-ness to eat in its quantity. The food was warm and not the hot you expect of fresh food, my first response was, “this tastes frozen microwaved” and he agreed when he tried some. His burger was the same, warm-hot but not as hot as you expect. It was hard enough to get wait staff to come over to get another drink and order pudding (if we are going to pay the price for dodgy food already might as well feel full for a short while if its going to repeat/make you feel sick). The white chocolate bread pudding was really nice although two tiny slices is not enough bread pudding for that amount of ice cream and whipped cream. He had one of the “super-nova” chocolate milkshakes… the chocolate on the side of the glass tasted cheap as hell and the milkshake was very much like a thick nesquick. Safe to say we took an anti-poop tablet with the meal just in case, we didn’t want to spend the concert on the toilet.

So after dinner we headed over to Wembley to discover it was at the same time as an Ed Sheeran concert. Certainly amusing to see all the people selling glitter face stuff and flower crowns. The queues for the toilets everywhere were massive. We found the wait for the Game of Thrones concert relaxing pretty much, no dramas, other than pollen. So after a bit of a wait in a queue we got inside, managed to get a couple of t-shirts and key rings. Heading up to our seats we had a look at the food stalls, we went to the bar and tried the cocktails advertised, the other half had a White Walker which having had a sip of it made me quite happy I chose the Red Priestess – a mocktail. Mine was very refreshing. Lemonade and cranberry I think… Was quite nice. We ended up snacking midway on chips which were nice. The guy next to us had major onion breath. It kept hitting like waves in the show. I think the other half suffered more, he was sat next to him. The show= OMG I loved it, it was incredible, the music was on point, we saw instruments we had never heard of and can’t remember their names. It was a beautiful production. The only grumble, well that was the amount of strobe lights, it sort of detracted from the show being so frequent, it was overpowering and eventually it got to the point where it was uncomfortable enough that I had to stop watching the stage eventually. In some ways it made the music even more incredible, it was great to be able to focus on that alone without the visual distractions, the music was incredible.

I loved it. It was a wonderful week even with the disappointment of the Demi Concert being postponed. But I can’t wait to tell you how that went.

Well the 25th was awesome.

Having practiced the dinner and the trip there before it was safe to say we knew how to get there and it was a fairly relaxed journey, other than the tube escalator stopping near the top and walking down the whole thing- which was not good on my eyes, made me very dizy, I couldn’t tell 100% where each step ended. A few days on and I still have eye strain from trying to work that one out. Everything else seemed to run smoothly no delays.

So we got to the O2 bloody hell is it a massive venue! So we got there about an hour n half before the doors opened so it was a bit of a wait but not too bad, some of the fans were doing a sing along in one corner. Getting through security was pretty standard. We got up the escalators which thankfully didn’t break down, I wouldn’t have been able to face that again. We got up stairs and there wasn’t a queue for the ladies thankfully. Came out we got two cokes for £6 thanks to a discount otherwise just one coke would have been £4.50 bit overkill for a captive audience. The first act, Joy, was enjoyable, very simply staged, very cut back which was perfect for her it seems. After an intermission and spending more money on candy floss, because you know, it looked delicious. The next act Jax Jones got the audience hyped up and ready for Demi, but then there was another intermission which sort of calmed the excitement back down a bit. But when Demi came on stage the atmosphere was pretty damn lively. She is really good live, and really hot… The show was great, I would have loved some more of her older songs built into the show just to balance out the old and new a bit more. She did great, really glad we could make the show. I really truly enjoyed it. Would love to see her live again! Harry seemed to enjoy it a tonne too. We had to leave just after 10pm to be able to get home ok, so we missed the end, but what we saw was brilliant. I even dreamed in Demi songs after the show, but that was probably the concert music still pounding in my ears.

Writer’s block? Well I have done small amounts of writing but it still counts. I can’t stop. But at least there is some writing being done. Luckily with such a busy month I feel a little less bad about not doing very much writing. But I am still hoping to win the Lottery, then I could easily spend more time writing.

What am I watching on Netflix? Well, to be honest, I haven’t really been watching much for once. I think I finished Call the Midwife and I can’t really think of anything else that made much of an impact. I think it is just not having the focus at the moment, and that’s ok too.

So Darling Daughters will release soon, so for those of you wanting to get your hands on the ending… here is the pre-order link for Darling Daughters! Releasing 22nd August 2018

Nothing changes here in terms of throwing plugs in for my amazon books on my author page… I haven’t lost my hope just yet.

May luck and adventure be on your side!



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