So its my birthday

Well, this month it is and I figured I’d stick this post in between the regular flow because well, I’m excited.

This past year has been so incredible. I think being 27 was great but now its time for 28 and I know this is going to be an incredible year, I can just feel it already.

Since I turned 27…

We went to Comic Con (awesome as fuck!)

We went to Brighton and boy was that lots of fun and really nice to have some quality time at the seaside.

Got engaged!!!

Got to celebrate the one year anniversary with the other half!

Went on a week away to the seaside with the other half.

Saw the Phantom of the Opera (twice) and ate at the Savoy Grill!!!

Went to the Demi Lovato concert!

Got to spend time with the best people in the world! Family and the best friends I could ask for!

Had a really awesome Christmas!

I had such an amazing year and I know that this year will have so many awesome adventures and I just can’t wait!

Whats on your mind?

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