I read…

… The Daily Mail.

Wait wait wait wait! Before you dismiss me completely, or worse, let me explain.

I read it for amusement, the non-stories that seem to be plastered all over their index page.  The blindingly obvious sexism that plagues the site.  But most of all, I read the Daily Mail because it is shocking. Not for good reasons, the most obvious is the lack of editing and proofing articles receive before being posted, spelling mistakes, word errors and misuse and abominable grammar. Occasionally I scroll through the comments articles receive and wonder two things: one- do they care what they sound like as they often appear ignorant or at best lazy? Two- Some of those people should have been the ones to write those articles.

It makes me wonder why it has become acceptable for the Daily Mail to become the mouthpiece of non-celebrities trying to get 15 minutes of fame. Put it this way, no one cares about the boob-job girls latest stupid idea.

It amazes me that people such as Katie Whats-her-name and such the likes as her are given all the air time to cause a stir in a pot of little gratification. After all fat shaming should not be an encouraged behavior. That being said neither should  chauvinism, bigotry and racism.

Surely the Daily Mail has starved itself over time of credible, original stories and become the mouthpiece of the ignorant. Perhaps in order for the Daily Mail to gain readers who are not just interested in laughing at the so called quality stories it publishes it needs to find a creative and inclusive way to distribute honesty and fresh ideas without coming across as moronic.