The truth of unemployment

Unemployment. So many youths face it. It is depressing and demoralizing. It appears that it is assumed that people who are unemployed are too lazy to look for work. For some that is clearly untrue, there are some (myself included) who have regularly applied for over 50 or more jobs each week, rarely do we hear back, get called to interview or even for a trial shift or two.

There are some who have explored avenues such as temp work and the falsely advertised apprenticeships which in reality are little more than a slave labor with such a low wage it is almost impossible to support living.  But for some, the unheard, they face tough choices between existing  responsibilities for caring for relatives or children and working, or a career. There is little support for those stuck in a loose loose situation, if they work full time to be able to support themselves and grow a career they carry the burden of guilt that they are unable to help loved ones. Yet if they do not work they feel the guilt and shame of being unemployed struggling to support themselves.

The government is raging a war here. It has become for them something the next person in power can deal with, no action just talk. However, voting has taken a nose dive. Voters and those soon to be eligible to vote have lost confidence in the system. Who can blame them?  Politicians, MPs and so on are voted as representatives and leaders but often it seems, they are unwilling to really make the difference and help the next generations of voters. Those leaving school, those in their homes or libraries applying for days on end to endless jobs, those that the government fails on a daily basis, it is concerning.

There is a widespread issue that covers across every board and every age group that requires incredible balancing, but it seems, that the rich are becoming richer while those that are suffering at their hands, their own ignorance and blind-shortsightedness are barely living.

There is a knock on effect of unemployment, depression, which takes many forms and behaviors.