The One Year Anniversary- What happened?

Well it was a bit of a business first kind of morning, I had to go to the doc’s to get some more meds for migraines but after that, well the adventure begun… ish.

We got home still in our giddy excited engaged bubble and we played Mario Kart, which you know, being a competitive sport could have ended it all very badly. But it was fun. We are both mega competitive with it but boy was it fun. We watched some bits and bobs on the telly and played more Mario Kart.

Got washed and dressed for the evening and hung out and chatted and took the engagement ring photo….

I am engaged! I still cant believe it

I don’t think I could be more excited to be his future Mrs!

But yes… after that and trying to not make my hands look super weird… we used a gift tag and Harry Potter bed sheets from Primark…

So the evening portion of the day we went to the restaurant from our very first official date date. Mangetsu, which does a combi of Chinese and Japanese. We had their yummy buffet menu and managed to demolish : 2 orders of Pork Gyoza, an order of duck, bbq ribs, 2 orders sweet and sour chicken, chicken noodles, egg fried rice, chicken katsu sushi rolls and prawn tempura sushi rolls… I think that was all of it. And bloody hell was it delish!

After eating a substantial dinner we decided to walk part the way home to find a Mary Berry chocolate cake which we discovered was a Sainsburys thing only which meant we had a couple of wasted run rounds other shops but that’s ok. Oh and we must have tried nearly four or five different corner shops/news agents to find a specific kind of Iron Bru that we had on the way home on our first official date date too. Lots of nostalgia. We eventually found it by sheer determination on the very last chance on our way home and picked up a couple of bottles of BLUE Iron Bru… I think it is bubble gum? Either way- the blue stuff is yum!

We got home and got everything ready upstairs blue drinks and all, we even cut a couple of slices of the Chocolate cake and popped them in the microwave for ten seconds to have hot choccy cake and we sat there in our pjs and watched the Great British Bake Off…

It was a perfect day!