Its 2017… So What’s the Plan Already?

What am I looking forward to in 2017? 

Well, that is a big question, mainly writing more, of course. I am looking forward to more of The Diary of Elliot Parker.

I want to keep chipping away at the “big” project and keep a diary of it perhaps. But I at least want to finish the first part in the first half of the year and find an agent/publisher. Turning 26 might be fun… I am looking forward to continue improving the relationship with myself.

New Year resolutions? 

I think to put it simply, my New Years resolution is to keep working on building a positive life. I also want to try this thing that I heard about, the 24-7 challenge. You make a list of 24 things you want to achieve in a year and if you manage 7 of them you have achieved your resolution.

I also want to try a habit change over the year, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So in theory I have 12 chances to loose or change 12 of my habits this year. Oh and I want the jar, you know the jar where you write a little note of the good things that happen in a year and put it in the jar. you then open the jar on the 31st December and you get to read all of the good that happened that year. I will try to do this, and if I achieve it, I will post it on here.

What are the 24-7 goals?

1- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 2


3- Write The Diary of Elliot Parker Part 3?

4- Write the first book of the big project

5- Finish spine tattoo

6- Finish magpie tattoo

7- Finish musical rib tattoo

8- Look for an agent/publisher for the “big” project

9- Learn to drive

10- Learn guitar

11- Finish knitting the cable knit jumper

12- Finish knitting the blankets

13- Improve views on here

14- See a west end show

15- Try and succeed at least three times on the 21 day habit swap

16- Win the lotto jackpot

17- Look for the positives more often E

18- Meditate regularly

19- Keep making emotional progress

20- Keep hope and loose more doubt

21- Make posts for here in advanced, consider adding pictures, try to avoid leaving it to the last minute

22- Try to grow my hair long- aim for below the shoulder this year.

23- Become even more open-minded

24- Discover my own special brand of writers magic,

What habits do I want to make or break?

Break- Stop apologizing for myself so often.

Make- Eat at least one piece of fruit a day.

Make- Write/plot at least an hour each day even on rest days.

Make- Create and stick to a writing schedule.

Break- Stop being hard on myself, speak kinder words to myself instead.

Make- A daily list of 3 positive things that I like about my day.

Make- A daily list of 3 things that I like about myself, physical, non-physical.

Make- A little notebook of positive aspects, a once a day entry of 10 things that are positive. Literally a list of positive aspects about people, places, things; maybe one day I will post it on here.

That’s all I have for now.

This is in no way the “New Year New Me” train. This is more like the “Now Me” train.

“Now is the first hour of your day… Now is the first day of the rest of your week… Now is the first week of the rest of your month… Now is the first month of the rest of your year… Now is the first year of the rest of your life…”

My own little reminder to live in the now and make the changes you want to see in yourself without the risk of failing. This is the part where I become the person I have wanted to be with constant and consistent dedication to that person, to the life I desire.