Book one of Coryburn Girls is up…

But that doesn’t mean the work ends there. Now I am in the horridly painful task of editing again. But book two will be just as snappy and short.

I am very sure I am not the only person to hate the editing process with vengeance but, it is after all what should be saving some of my very many typos and tired brain mistakes.

The truth is, I really, Realllly hate to edit. But I have to.

And, just for you, here’s another secret; the Coryburn Girls isn’t the only project I am working on at the moment, hopefully there may be another release or two this year. At the moment I am more excited by new ideas then I should let myself be, editing should be the first priority, I know. All the same. Who knows what might happen in this year of ink and paper?


Coryburn Girls Skimming the Surface… WoOOOOOOoooo

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