Coryburn Girls Secrets: WHAT IS THE BLOOD DIAMOND

Well, that’s the thing, everything is so unclear and it still has so much to do in the story, if you thought that the last you would see of it was book one, that bad boy is coming back in book two in a big big way.

The blood diamond, through history:

Well, the blood diamond was discovered thousands of years before Annabella and Kayetelynn ever see it, it is the first stone to change the biochemistry of its owner. Found in a dank dark cave filled with bats, the original carnivorous evil scratch you to death and give you rabies kind, a young aristocrat and his brothers discovered the blood diamond. With time and dedication the blood diamond changed from a dully shining stone into a glittering shimmering dark secret of nature. Just the average lightest pink tinged diamond.

The brothers, having little concern for the pink diamond, had carelessly given the diamond to their mother, where the transformation from carefree over privileged family to very concerned and frightened became their biggest secret. One night greed and envy grew within the house hold spilling over into an incredible bloodshed. There was a revolt among the brothers and their parents, now grown and old enough to make decisions for themselves the brothers had resented their parents controlling manipulative nature. 

One evening at dinner the oldest brother slit their parents throat taking the blood diamond from their mother’s neck and blaming it for bringing out her parents darkest natures. The eldest brother threw the diamond onto the table still soaked in blood. That is when the brothers discovered the secret of the stone, one that they could now ill afford to tell as it used the spilling of the blood from the darkest of thoughts and actions and turned upon them, creating a curse that would bleed through to their children, their children’s children and then so on through time.

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