An inspirations Birthday

Yesterday was one of my inspirations birthday.

Actually this month has the birthdays of two of my biggest inspirations; C at the start of the month and J near the end of the month (yesterday). So I figured the best way to do them some honour was to tell you that these two girls, are the inspiration for the lasting friendships you see when I write.

The close bond I have with C and J, both February girls, is often reflected in the stories I tell. The adventures, the crazy ideas, coincidences all these precious moments we share, is reflected in the close sisterly bond of the characters.

Whether I create a bizarre alter ego for them in a story or I use their core values to base a character, C and J are impossible influences to ignore.

Both of them, I owe so much, they are the girls who believe in me when I can’t believe in myself. They save me from myself. In turn I give them my heart, in turn they live a thousand lives or more in my books, they are immortalized in stories, they inspire the legends. The best, the worst, and all that are yet to come.

They don’t mind when the character deviates and no longer is based so much on them but takes the life of their own and runs with it, I let the characters achieve the impossible, because I know that my friends can do the same.

They are an inspiration for all that is good, all that is positive. I owe C and J massive thanks for putting up with me over the last gosh knows how many years, because without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to believe in what I was writing. They embrace my imagination and let me rant for hours about an idea as I figure out the problems or change the direction. They are pretty damn epic, in real life and in stories.

So a belated happy birthday blog especially for them is the least they deserve.

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