Coryburn Girls

Progress update:

I am going insane, this editing is driving me mad. It seems never ending, but it should be ready soon.

Secret: I am planning to have it deadline ready for release on June 3rd this year. In special honour, because it one of my best friends birthday that day. H will be 25! So, release due on that day is kind of a special salute to him.

In book two the girls are going to discover what it is their parents have been keeping from them.


It has made me wonder, nature vs nurture. If the nature is as strong as the tide, and the nurturing was weak or indifferent, surely nature is going to win? But is it possible for the nurture to have any affect on the end results?

Does much of what we learn as a child stick through adolescence and growing up? Do we rebel for the sake of it or to test ourselves?

I have no idea, I am just procrastinating from editing. I like procrastinating. Since I discovered pinterest I have become a professional at procrastinating. I even pin anti procrastinating pins, I am that good at procrastinating.

Whats on your mind?

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