Procrastination is winning a war

Well that would be if it actually did anything.

Instead, it has caused another project to open up in front of me.

Now I am editing and working on more than one extra project. For once, I am working on  a project that I haven’t planned a second of. That’s right, I am winging it. I hate not knowing where I am going with it but it is pretty damn exciting.

What I want to know is, does it ever work?

This winging it stuff, its pretty damn fun, so far I think all I have done is test the character again and again, repeatedly destroying their life. Its intriguing to see what the character organically responds to, and the characters around them. It pretty much seems an impossibly plausible story, I find that concerning, and the challenges are getting deeper and harder to over come. But that overwhelmed feeling is something we always suffer until we find the solutions.

Honestly I have a general direction for the winging it, but who knows how it will be achieved. I quite like it, but it does feel more or less never ending than all the editing that I need to be doing, that I should be doing. I think, I might have to put it down for a little while, refocus on the editing and then come back to it when I have done what must be done rather then all this procrastinating.

Whats on your mind?

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