One year on

Well irregardless that today is April fools, I want to talk about something important.

A year ago tomorrow, my grandfather died. Since then I have been battling a lot more, I feel angrier, more painful.

Truth be told I feel like I have been robbed of so much time with him, getting to know him. I have disconnected from some corners of my life, and yet, I can’t shake this feeling. I feel close to him, without knowing him truly, like I should have.

I have a tattoo in his honor, it is on my wrist, my left wrist, its of a fish-hook. I chose that because he always signed his letters or cards with one, and it is what I know him most affectionately for.

The tattoo has become an attachment, I touch it to reassure myself, to feel closer to him, and to remember that family is so much more than what can be seen.

I wish so much was different about our relationship. But we are and were both incredibly flawed anyway, perhaps we had the perfect one to protect one another, although we always wish there was more.

I have always had him as some symbol of sorts in every story, somewhere buried in the pages. He is kindness, but more than that, he is creativity.

My granddad is where my creativity stems from, it’s not the only source but it is a strong source.

My granddad was a crafter, able to do large clever work and small intricate details.  So, for this weeks blog I wanted to honour him.

I want to honor the family that I have lost, the creativity they encourage, and the inspiration, they were, always have been, and always will be.


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