Whats coming next

Well… Now that the second Coryburn Girls is out I should have more free time to pander away right? Wrong!

Well, lets see, I am prepping the final installment of the Coryburn Girls and things are about to get a whole lot darker and twisted. And don’t forget I already know how it ends, so its a total torture not being able to tell you the moments I have ended up loving to write the most from the series.

Well, I am also working on a re edit and more editing on some other pieces in preperation, which is driving me mad crazy with I HATE EDITING on my mind. But I do love the stories. So it is nice to break free of it once and a while and disappear into another world either by plotting or writing.

That being said I have recently been tackling the challenges that comes with writing about sex. Sex scenes, intimacy, sensation appeal. It’s gotten a lot more tricky to do. Originally attempting them made me feel very uncomfortable and made me blush a lot.

Whats on your mind?

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