nutty…nut bars

So today is one of the days where you wonder if nuts like to be eaten? And no I don’t mean balls! Pervert!

Ok honestly?

No idea what I want to talk about. I want to dance around to really cheesey pop music, eat candy, blow bubbles and be so very immature. But that is who I am.

The thing is, sometimes, just sometimes being happy isnt the hard choice that we make, its the really easy one but the voice that tells us we shouldn’t do what makes us happy is too loud in our ears. Its the one we are trained to think.

So if a nut bar makes you happy  unless you are allergic, go to town on it.

If dancing in the shower makes you happy? Maybe consider buying a bathmat so you don’t break your neck before you go to town busting out those moves…

Happiness is a choice. Make it count, life is so very very very short. Its a cliche for a reason.

We are fleeting. So be brave and take the risks you are afraid to make.

Whats on your mind?

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