Positive Vibes

Well it is possible; I have been listening to a few Abraham Hicks lectures on youtube. Now at first when I first started to listen to those seminars in May, I thought “what is this silly bull crap?” So at first I just left them on in the background, and slowly I started to listen in and tune in every so often. It gave me a sense of calmness; it felt soothing to have playing in the background. And slowly the more I have listened to these seminars I have begun to see the sense in it. It’s a majority of things that I already knew and believed but now its in a place that’s not quite so personal.

I realised slowly that I have already been practicing a similar kind of thing; it was already working for me before I was introduced to these talks. So now my advice to my friends the more I am asked has become even better, because I was always right before but now, I am being more right in a much more positive way. I have lost that negative orientation and perspective and launch point I had with my last relationship that ended a few months ago.

Now months down the line? I feel 100 times better. At the time I was unable to really believe and have the faith I already had in my life the ability to bring the positive happiness to myself. I had given someone the power and control to my happiness. Well, now? My aim is always to try to bring in the positive happy feeling no matter what. To want something from a place of happiness and positivity and to live in a moment and to stop living in a place of what if, what if things go wrong? Who cares there is no wrong or right perhaps to say, but there is experience and things to move forward and live and learn from.

Whats on your mind?

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