It’s Summer

Well I guess that is pretty darn obvious. But still. ITS SUMMER!!!

Now, normally, I am the girl who stays pale, very pale, because I don’t really go out in the sun too much because the sun can be so strong it can really begin to hurt my eyes, but also considering that, I do get hay fever which I recently developed over the last few years, which is a little confusing. My mission this summer is to be a bit more active, to go out in the sun a bit.

But, I do still intend to wear sun cream with a high spf. I’ve recently been wearing more feminine clothes, a few more dresses and glimmers of a more girly nature. That’s not to say I haven’t kept some of my original elements of my mask, my protection. I still wear the accessories/ outfits in a way that is more comfortable to my nature. To be honest I don’t quite have much that can be spread into style because to me my style is so fluid at times I don’t want to commit to saying “Yes this is who I am” because who I am, its constantly changing.

I am constantly changing with every story, with every moment, with every chance encounter. So why can’t my style? My persepective?  My own personal energy?

Whats on your mind?

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