How Do I Do My Edits

For a first draft edit for example? Well it’s a pretty simple-ish process that I go through. Generally, I will change the font colour across the whole document to say blue initially. I will then go through the work bit by bit, I will colour a section (whether that’s a chapter or a paragraph) a second colour, generally red. Once the document is completed I will take break from it, perhaps give it to a friend for a quick scan through to see if they pick up on something totally obvious that I have missed. After a short time, once I have been distracted enough, I will return to it and take on any notes from the friend, I will also take on the whole document, hopefully with “fresh eyes” once more. I will then go through as before section by section with even more focus, more eagle eyed as I change the colours again. Now this process may be repeated a few times, and over time more friends will look at it with an increasingly critical eye.

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