Debbie Moon an inspiration.

Debbie Moon an inspiration.


For me, a *cough* 20 something, it takes a good story to pull me back to children’s TV. She did it! She got me back watching the CBBC channel to watch Wolfblood. After stumbling on to the show to see what it was one afternoon, after seeing adverts after Young Dracula, something I watched as a child, I thought “why not see what happens?”

Well that got me hooked. It is such a brilliantly written and produced show!

I must say, when my friend Tom was helping his boss arrange the literacy fair in Wales, I did suggest, repeatedly that he should invite Debbie Moon. Well, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to go down there and see and get to see her in person. It was still pretty great because he got praise from his boss because Debbie Moon agreed. I am so happy that the days I spent nagging my friend to “invite her already” worked out.

But she is pretty cool… actually pretty cool, I follow her on twitter, I have even had a couple of replies on occasion from her, and she is absolutely brilliant. I do end up fan-girling occasionally… But yes I do need to include her as an inspiration.

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