Why do I consider J.K. Rowling an inspiration?

Why do I consider J.K. Rowling an inspiration?


Well… That is pretty simple really. I grew up in the Harry Potter generation, I had gotten to the point where very few books were able to capture and hold my attention, and she still has it. I am still a huge fan; I joined Pottermore in its early days, ended up in Slytherin. I have since come to terms with that and now have a great sense of Slytherin pride.

But, she is an inspiration. She was able to connect with so very many people and inspire them, to show the amazing things, amazing ideas and challenge the readers.

Not only that she has said she built her life from rock bottom and used that as the basis for the foundation of her life. That rings true and identifiable for me, I have had those times where you have to pick yourself up and rebuild your life from the bottom up. That is one of the hardest, bravest things to do at times.

I owe J.K. Rowling for making my child hood that much more bearable, magical and inspiring. I could never thank her enough. She has changed the world millions of times over.

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